Mr. Robot “eps2.9pyth0n-pt2.p7z” Review (Season 2 Episode 12)

Look, however else you feel about it, we can all agree Mr. Robot was nowhere near as strong in its second, right? I know I’ve been harsher on the season than most, but it’s been such a big step down from last year, with the narrative dragging on across numerous bloated episodes. And with “eps2.9pyth0n-pt2.p7z” the show more or less made clear that this season was more or less a punt, dedicated to setting up a larger story for the third season.

Really, the biggest problem with this season boils down to something I mentioned last week, how unreliable a narrator Elliot is. The reveal that Tyrell was alive in the previous episode was, like everything else to do with Elliot, still a question mark, and even as they continued to work together this week, it still wasn’t clear if he was really there or not. Truthfully, the show could’ve played it either way, and though Elliot trying to stand up to Tyrell and Mr. Robot at the end was tense, the gunshot didn’t feel like a true surprise.

And it didn’t feel like much of a payoff, either, because so much of the plot with Dark Army has been kept in the, well, dark. The show left Elliot untethered from the main story for half of the season, and the rest of fsociety was either killed, put on the run, or had no idea who their actual allies were. And we were put in the same position, never really getting a solid idea – or even a hint – of where things were going. Sure, we saw Dark Army and Mr. Robot’s plan enacted, but we only even found out what it was in this episode. It felt like the show meandered for weeks only to bull-rush to a cliffhanger for the ending.

Angela joining with Dark Army, Leon tracking down Mobley and Trenton, Darlene learning the FBI has been on to them from the beginning: it all feels like the show setting up interesting storylines for next season instead of paying off plotlines from this year. So much of this season was still well-done, and there’s no denying the consistent artistry of this show, but my biggest hope is that season three is that it can find a solid plot and find a way to consistently push the characters and narrative forward. As is, I’m still glad to see where the show goes next, but I’m happy that this season is over.

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