Blindspot “Heave Fiery Knot” Review (Season 2, Episode 2)


“Take a breath!” warned Kurt Weller to the team during a heated argument in the center of the FBI office on the new episode of Blindspot last night.

What was the problem? Well, pretty much everything between them. Patterson wasn’t happy with Nas about her “magic phone” being able to track down much needed intel in their current case; Zapata and Reade versus Jane because they cannot trust her. While Weller is unsettled to say the least about Jane’s forced return to their group – much like Reade and Zapata, he knows all too well that they need to find a way to get around their differences or else there is going to be another major catastrophe.

What is that catastrophe? A crooked DEA agent is selling stinger missiles to a Mexican cartel that has a connection to one of Jane’s tattoos. And where did that lead come from? Not one of Patterson’s amazing algorithms that has been reading her tattoos since her discovery in that bag in Times Square but because of Shepherd and Roman, Jane’s adopted mother and biological brother.

So are Shepherd and Roman the good guys or the bad guys? Sure, they provided a lead to stop missiles from being sold to a dangerous cartel; but as we all know from the butterfly effect, if you change one outcome many other outcomes – good, bad or otherwise – can happen. Nas pointed out this very issue to Jane, telling her all the bad ramifications that reverberated from that one good deed that saved countless lives.

On the other spectrum, Reade approached a guy from his football camp days who was molested by Coach Jones, the man arrested as a sexual predator last season. As we saw, unfortunately, the District Attorney didn’t have enough witnesses to move forward with the case, and it looked like the creep was going to go free. But what was most disturbing was that Reade’s friend Freddie told him that he was there when Freddie was assaulted; except Reade doesn’t remember. What kind of tailspin will this have on Reade?

The other tailspin is the fact that Allison Knight, Kurt’s former lover, showed up on his doorstep – just as he finally let go of a box of memories about his late father (who actually admitted, on his deathbed, to killing Taylor Shaw all those decades ago), that she is – are you ready for it? – 3 months pregnant and Kurt is the daddy. Did any of you see that coming? Or for that matter that while she is obviously scared out of her wits about becoming a mother, she calmly stated that there is a place in her child’s life for Kurt. Did he take it almost a little too calmly or maybe it was all the alcohol he presumably consumed before tossing out that box?

What did you think of the episode? Oh, and what do you think about Roman not only his beat-down on those two guys but also his sneaking up on Jane and drugging her? We get it that he’s worried about her, but was that really necessary? Please share your thoughts on in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC next Wednesday, September 28 at 8/7c.