The Strain “Gone But Not Forgotten” Review (Season 3 Episode 4)

Strain 04

On the latest episode of “The Strain,” we learned the fates of both Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) and the Master, saw how New York- and the Strigoi- was dealing with the general aftermath of the Master showdown, and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) reconnected with some of the team, in “Gone But Not Forgotten.”

We began with a reporter grilling Justine (Samantha Mathis) on how the fight for New York was going. Clearly, she had a hidden agenda, despite being the only media left in town brave enough to keep covering what was going on. Hey, you always have to have an angle, right? Apparently, the theme here was “The Fall of New York.”

In this reporter’s case, it was to paint Justine in a bad light and imply that the battle was all but lost, resulting in her resorting to guerilla tactics like forcing prisoners to fight her battles with the Strigoi instead of endangering her own force. The only problem was, Justine knew nothing about it, making her look like she didn’t even know what was going on with her own team.

Turns out that Frank, her go-to guy, was doing this all on his own, in light of a lack of forces to do it otherwise, with most everyone fleeing the city, what with everything going on. With a lack of willing people to do the work that needed to be done, Frank had resorted to forcing chain-gang prisoners to do it against their will- or die for refusing.

Justine demands to be taken to one of the outposts to see for herself what’s being done, but lucky for Frank and company, she talked to Gus (Miguel Gomez), who basically said she can see for herself how things were done now. Though not happy, she didn’t stop it, either. Meanwhile, I suppose Gus earned himself some “cool” points with the guards for not ratting them out as to how bad things really were.

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Meanwhile, Eph (Corey Stoll) operated on Quinlan to remove the considerable amount of bullets from his body, and announced that he would likely make a full recovery at the rate he was healing. Given Quinlan’s own pronouncement that if the Master dies, so does he, that was enough to set the others to worrying, especially, as per usual, Abe (David Bradley).

“This IS me happy,” he deadpanned to Fet (Kevin Durand), when it seemed the worst was behind them- for now. Of course, Abe isn’t one to leave a stone unturned, so despite the fact that the Strigoi seemed “rudderless” and aimless, and thus, easy prey to be taken out, he had Quinlan take him to meet with the Ancients for confirmation, just in case, once Quinlan healed enough to get around.

Turns out that, as I suspected, though Quinlan killed the host body, he didn’t kill the Master, per se, as the giant worm that escaped the body that Abe spotted was still able to infiltrate someone and get a new host- though it hadn’t as of yet. But it was only a matter of time before the “Crimson Worm” found a home, and once that happened, it was back to the drawing board, with the Master simply picking up where he left off.

Needless to say, Quinlan wasn’t thrilled about this news, understandably upset that the ancients didn’t give him a heads-up that there would even be a worm to have to kill, much less one capable of starting this whole mess all over again. He leaves, but tells the Ancients they’re on their own now- and Abe tells them they’re not getting the book, either.

Fet, in the meantime, heads to the Special Command Center to talk to Justine about taking advantage of the confusion and eliminating the enemy while they were still discombobulated. Justine is in agreement, at least until two of her “people”- actually Strigoi who used to work for her before they were turned- come in and blow themselves up, infecting a bunch of people in the process.

Strain 03

Turns out that Eichorst, not willing to take the Master’s seeming defeat lying down, strategically placed several Strigoi in key places, with C4 embedded inside their bodies, which he then had them detonate once they arrived at their respective destinations. At least 60 people were killed as a result, showing everyone concerned that the danger was hardly behind them.

One of those infected was none other than Justine herself, but a quick-moving Fet (though not quite as quick as he could have been, if you ask me) was able to zap the worm with an UV ray, killing it just after it burrowed into her eye. A look-over by Eph proved that the worm was indeed dead and that Justine was not infected, though it was clear she would have killed herself, and was prepared to do so, rather than be taken over.

Dutch returned to headquarters, finally, only to find that Eph was the last one standing, with Abe and Fet living at the Mayfair. A drunken mess, she and Eph bond over their mutual screwed-up-ness, with Eph filling her in on what happened in her absence and her doing the same with him before they got drunk again.

When Eph is called to the SCC to help with the infection bombs, aka the exploding Strigoi surprise, she tags along and runs into Fet, who offers her a place to stay with him at the Mayfair, but she doesn’t seem to keen on that under the circumstances. (That was where she was held captive, after all.) Not helping matters is the fact that she did break Fet’s heart and that Abe and Fet alike are pissed at Eph for helping Quinlan steal the book.

So, she ultimately ends up back at HQ, boozing it up with Eph instead. The two go out for more booze and food and run afoul of a Strigoi who gets that glazed look and addresses Eph directly, mentioning his son and his ultimate fate, but attacking him before Eph gets any answers one way or another. Is the Master back in business? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week, as that’s where the episode ends.

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Though this couldn’t help but be a transitional episode, under the circumstances, with the Master down but not out and Eph at odds with everyone and so on, it was still pretty entertaining overall. I mean, you got some underground vamp action with Gus and Angel, exploding vamps at the SCC, Justine at both her most vulnerable (when she thought she was infected) and her most fiery (when she shut down the media- or what was left of it- near the end) and Dutch reuniting with the team, at least to a certain extent.

Yes, the team’s in a shambles at the moment, but they’ll get there. Especially now that they know that the threat isn’t over by a long-shot. The fact that Quinlan came so close to eliminating the main threat is a plus, and that they know about the “crimson worm” now as well. The next move is obviously to let Abe pick up where he left off with the book, so that they don’t go in half-cocked next time.

Also, Zach is still alive, so Eph has a driving force to get it together somewhat now as well. I don’t know that he’ll get completely sober- ditto Dutch- but the knowledge should be enough to get him to at least get it together enough to go after his son at the very least. All in all, encouraging news, even if they’ve all still got a long way to go.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Strain”? Are you excited for the next showdown with the Master? Do you think it will happen sooner than later? What do you think the team will have to do to kill the “crimson worm”? What is the Master’s big plan that Eichorst was so concerned about? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!