Dark Matter “But First, We Save the Galaxy” Review (Season 2, Episode 13)

But First, We Save the Galaxy

Every good season finale should provide a suspenseful story, scenes of the lead characters being in jeopardy and, in most cases, a cliffhanger ending that will make the fans want more in the next season.

Where the Syfy series Dark Matter is concerned, thank goodness the series has been renewed for a third season because where our cast of characters were left off in last night’s season finale was very dire indeed.

Let’s take a look at where our characters were left hanging:

• Five went onto the substation where the diplomatic summit was being held in disguise, appearing as an assistant to Commander Truffault in order to track down the bomb that the Raza crew believed was planted there to cause major disruption to the summit;

• After sneaking onboard the substation, Two, Three and Six started the hunt for the bomb; unfortunately Three was surrounded by guards from the Ferrous Corp, receiving a severe beat-down while Six was captured by Galactic Authority Inspector Kierkan;

• Two, on the other hand, went to the newest member of the council – Emperor Ishida (aka Four aka Ryo) – to get him off the substation, but instead he stressed that he wanted her to hand over the blink drive;

• Five figured out what the bomb was – the humanized Android that was posing as Commander Nieman’s assistant; but thankfully that Android, helped by the same upgrade chip that the Raza’s Android used in the past, sealed “himself” in an airlock and flushed himself out into space where he exploded (that tragedy was averted), but…

• Four had one of his men create a critical overload on the substation that caused multiple explosions, threatening all of the people on it including Two, Three, Five and Six.

• Four also snuck onto the Raza, taking Misaki with him in order to steal the blink drive, forcing an unexpected shutdown to the Android while Misaki took out Four’s “love” Nyx with a poisoned knife; she was found by the Android once put back online by Four after he left the Raza with his “prize” in hand;

• As the explosions on the substation intensified, Commander Truffault caught up with Five, leading her in the opposite direction of the panic occupants of the substation while Six was running for his life toward the Marauder, Three woke up from his beating to come face-to-face with Lt. Anders, Six’s former GA partner and Two was seen being knocked out by one of the explosions.

Dire straits for all of them indeed especially given that it appeared that none of the Raza crew made it off the substation as it exploded in thousands of pieces, floating in space.

What do you think will happen next on the show? How could any of them have made it off the substation given the events as they played out? What do you think Four will do with the blink drive? Since the show has another season, do you think any or all of the Raza crew will make it out alive in order to go after Four? What do you think will happen to Nyx (or do you care)? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The third season of ‘Dark Matter’ will return on Syfy sometime in 2017.