‘Beauty And the Beast’ (Season 4): This Really Is It

Series Finale

After four seasons and countless risky circumstances, Beauty And the Beast came to an end last night with its series finale that finally found our heroes Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller getting their happily ever after.

Well, at least for six months…but before I get into that, we’ve got to talk about how Cat and Vincent were able to finally get what they have been longing for so very long: being together without having to look over their shoulders for trouble.

They had to complete one last “mission” – if you will – saving the one man – Crown Prince Sheikh Abu – who could prove that Vincent wasn’t behind the murders for which Peter Braxton (recurring guest star Marc Singer) committed, using Vincent as his scapegoat.

While it took some time to track down the Prince, who was going to be visiting New York City, as well as Braxton, who was set on killing the Prince, Tess and J.T. stepped up – one more time – to help out our heroes. Even better, how about them teaming up to take down Braxton in that intense shoot-out at the hangar where Braxton was trying to make his escape?

During their grief, thinking that Cat and Vincent perished in the burning limo that crashed off the Queensboro Bridge, they stood down Braxton’s racing SUV, taking him out in a hail of bullets. It really was something to watch.

Needless to say, until those last scenes it certainly seemed like Cat and Vincent went out in a blaze of glory, risking their lives to save someone else. And given the fact they were putting plans in motion for those they cared about most – Cat making sure her sister Heather would be taken care of and Vincent making sure that J.T. was offered a position at an amazing biotech firm – it seemed like our heroes had died.

But, of course, when you have powers like those of Vincent, not even a burning limo plunging into the river below could stop them. Cat and Vincent survived that watery crash, but had to keep their existence secret. It was the only way to move on, allowing the people they care about most to move forward too.

The series finale was tearful not only during in the funeral scene – when J.T., Tess and Heather all thought Cat and Vincent had given their lives for the Prince – but also when they were reunited in Paris six months later. It only seemed to make sense to end the series where the season started with Cat and Vincent in Paris; this time celebrating their one year anniversary with a horse-drawn carriage ride to a quaint café to meet up with J.T., Tess and Heather.

All that being said, though, thanks to a mugging outside of the café, Cat – a newly official Parisian lawyer, by the way – and Vincent (who were going by the names of Isabelle and Adam) went racing off to catch the criminal.

I do have to wonder if there weren’t any crimes taking place in Paris over the last six months, however, for which Cat and Vincent were witnesses (inadvertent or not) because you’d think they would have stepped in to stop other crimes not just the one witnessed by them. Things that make you go, hmmm, right?

What are your thoughts about the final season of ‘Beauty And the Beast;” and more specifically, the series finale? Were you pleased with the way it ended? Please share your thoughts below.