Suits “P.S.L.” Review (Season 6, Episode 10)


“To Pearson, Specter, Litt.”

There were a lot of happy endings in last night’s summer finale of Suits on the USA Network, weren’t there?

I’m going to say this now…if you haven’t watched the finale yet, do NOT read further as I will be spoiling the episode for you. Fair warning!

As we saw in last week’s penultimate episode, Mike was finally freed from prison after a lot of tense, almost unbelievable dealings by Harvey and Sean Cahill. It took nearly all of the sixth season to make that possible, but it finally happened.

Obviously Rachel was overjoyed that her man was out; and Harvey was happy to have his BFF back, offering him a job at the firm – this time as a consultant. After all, he can’t practice the law, but he can still use his expertise to help the firm. Mike and Harvey miss working together too so it’s only inevitable that he comes back to the fold, right?

And how about that trial of Leonard Bailey? I would say that Jessica really stepped up to defend that man who was convicted of a murder he did not commit, spending 12 years in prison. Even though her firm’s future was in dire jeopardy, she followed through, getting the victim’s father to admit that he paid for a key witness (who could have proven that Leonard did not kill anyone) to go to rehab, keeping her from testifying in Leonard’s favor.

I’d say those are some pretty happy endings, right? But that’s not all.

The new love of Louis Litt’s life – Tara Messer – announced to him that she learned that she is pregnant with her recently, former long-distance boyfriend’s baby. Did that stop Louis from loving her? Nope. What did he do? He got down on bended knee and proposed. And, best of all, she said yes. As fans will recall, Louis wanted to have a family with his former love Sheila Sazs, but she had absolutely no interest in having children, causing their relationship to implode. It seems this time around that Louis just might get his happy ending.

Then there is Jessica Pearson, who surprised her partners by saying that she was stepping down from the firm for which she has so valiantly fought for many years. Did anyone else see that coming? I know I didn’t. But, even though the thought of not having her firm anymore scared the crap out of Jessica, she went to Jeff Malone’s home, asking him if he would take her to Chicago with him when he returned to his hometown. And…he said yes. Happy ending again!

But this is the world of ‘Suits,’ and I have to wonder if there isn’t going to be a big shoe drop when the show returns for the remainder of its season later this year. What do you think?

What are your thoughts about the summer finale? Were you pleased that Leonard Bailey was freed? Did you admire both Rachel and Jessica for standing beside him? Do you think that Mike will go back to the firm as a consultant? What do you think will happen with the firm without Jessica there; and does that mean we won’t be seeing Jessica Pearson in the show anymore? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The remaining six episodes of the sixth season of ‘Suits’ will return on the USA Network sometime this winter.