Blindspot “In Night So Ransomed Rogue” Review (Season 2, Episode 1)

Blindspot - Season 2

Last night’s season premiere of Blindspot jumped three months after Jane Doe’s arrest, finding her in a CIA Black Site in Oregon where she has been brutally tortured. But, of course, thanks to the training she received prior to her memories being erased and waking up in that bag in Times Square, Jane was able to stand up to the relentless beatings, water torture and electro-shock, taking out four CIA members and escaping.

But for whatever, instead of getting out of the country and keeping a low profile, she went to Camden, New Jersey taking a job as a maid at a low-end motel. Why?? More on that shortly…

In the meantime, Weller and his team take down a counterfeiter – that was quite some crash from that motor bike wasn’t it? And while it seemed, at first, that they were chasing after Jane it became obvious that wasn’t the case.

Just as Zapata told Weller that “they” missed working the tattoos, enter NSA Officer Nas Kamal, who informed them about Jane’s confinement and subsequent escape from the CIA and her unusual job in New Jersey.

As we all saw, the team got Jane back – funny she could take out four CIA agents, but she gets taken down by Weller. Then in quick succession they learned about Mayfair’s death at the hands of Oscar, who Jane killed and they also learned that Carter was killed by Oscar as he was torturing Jane.

Despite all those revelations, Weller and the team still doesn’t trust her, but they all have a common goal: to stop the people who caused Mayfair’s death. And the only way to do that is to send Jane back to them so she can get close to the person in charge: someone named Shephard.

And, as we quickly learned, Shephard is Jane’s adopted mother. That was another set of quick reveals. Jane – aka Alice Kruger – was born in South Africa to anti-apartheid parents who were killed in their home in front of Jane, who along with her brother were taken to a special academy where children were turned into deadly soldiers. Those children were liberated by the military, that included Shephard; but given how deadly Jane (aka Alice) and her brother were no one else would take them so Shephard adopted them. Oh, and her brother – the guy she kept seeing in flashbacks during her three months of CIA torture – turned out to be the new handler, Roman, who meet her and got her to Shephard.

Did all of that make your head spin as much as it did mine?

Roman is completely on Jane’s side – oh, she chose the name Remi when Shephard took them in, by the way [how many names does she need: Jane Doe, Taylor Shaw, Alice Kruger and Remi] – but Shephard has her doubts. That’s when we learn Sandstorm has a mole inside the FBI who will be activated when Shephard is ready.

So, here are the questions? Can Weller and the team really trust Jane and for that matter can Jane really trust them? Is Nas really all she claims to be? Will Roman and Shephard figure out what Jane is doing? What is that missile all about? And, most of all, who is the Sandstorm mole at the FBI? Please share your thoughts on the show below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC next Wednesday, September 21 in the show’s regular timeslot of 8/7c.