The Last Ship “Don’t Look Back” Review (Season 3, Episode 13)

Don't Look Back

The season finale of the TNT post-apocalyptic series The Last Ship aired last night, culminating in a showdown between the armed forces on the Nathan James and the self-appointed “leader” of what was left of the United States: Allison Shaw (recurring guest star Elisabeth Rohm).

How much do we hate this woman?

[Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched the season finale yet, please tread lightly or wait to read this until you do, as there WILL be spoilers).

In order to bring down not only Shaw but the leaders of the separate sections of the United States that formed after the cure was spread throughout the country – Price, Croft and Wilson [remember the Nathan James already had section leader Castillo locked up on board the ship] – simultaneous assault teams were dispatched to New York City, Des Moines, Texarkana and St. Louis (the new Capital of the USA) to bring all of them down.

However, even the best laid plans fail when there are two cunning and manipulative women in leadership roles – especially in the world of The Last Ship. The assault teams were able to take down Croft and Wilson but Price and Shaw were able to avoid getting caught. Damn them! Well, that was the case until Shaw got what she wanted, having her people take out Price, leaving her in the plum role of the only surviving “leader” in St. Louis.

What did she want?: Tom Chandler’s head on a platter. Okay, so that may be overstating things, but she used Tom’s son and daughter as bargaining chips (after killing Tom’s dad, the kids’ grandfather). Damn her!!

Once she had Tom right where she wanted him, it looked like she just might get away; but don’t ever underestimate the crew of the Nathan James. They took out the men on the plane – thank you Sasha for your marksmanship – and for Tex, who snuck back on the plane after Tom’s kids were safely removed.

But it wasn’t a completely happy ending because in the gunfight that ensued to stop Shaw’s plane from taking off, Tex was shot and – GASP!! – died right before Tom’s eyes. It was hard enough losing all the other members of the Nathan James – especially Dr. Scott at the end of last season – but to lose a fan favorite like Tex – well, it was heartbreaking. The only consolation in all of this was that Tom took out Shaw, ending that miserable bitch’s life.

That being said, though, Tom was clearly in shock and I have a feeling that all his regrets caught up to him, leading to his leaving his post on the Nathan James. And while Mike Slattery is more than capable of taking over for Tom, it’s not going to be the same without him.

There was one shining light in all of the drama that played out in the season finale: Danny finally got to meet his baby boy Frankie.

What are your thoughts about the entire season, especially the events of the finale? How do you feel about Tex being killed? Do you agree with Tom that he left his position in the Navy? What do you want to see happen next season? Please share your thoughts below.

The fourth season of ‘The Last Ship’ will return to TNT sometime in 2017.