Dark Matter “Wish I Had Spaced You When I Had the Chance” Review (Season 2, Episode 11)

Wish I Spaced You

On Friday night Syfy aired back-to-back episodes of Dark Matter in preparation for the show’s second season finale next Friday.

The main storyline of the episode was focused on the Raza crew working to avert Galactic Authority Inspector Kierkan – albeit his clone – and all of his fellow officers, who have been on their trail for most of the season. Of course, they were tracked down during a supply station run with Three and Five at the local market while Two, Four and Nyx were at the local “watering hole” (so to speak).

Unfortunately, Five was taken by the Danker Brothers – a dangerous group of brothers in that territory with “records a mile long”. Despite all his bravado, though, Three didn’t hesitate to track her down immediately – thanks to the help of a local who witnessed her abduction, of course.

In Three style, he took down each of the brothers – well, to be more specific, he took down four of the five brothers, saving Five from all the horrible plans they had for her. Regrettably, he forgot about the fifth brother who showed up just as he and Five were planning to get back to the Marauder. Three may have taken out that remaining brother, but he sustained a near fatal gunshot wound.

As we saw, Three and Five were surrounded by Kierkan and the GA officers at the Danker Brothers’ hideout, but they were able to escape just in the nick of time. However, because of his severe injury, he couldn’t go on and demanded Five leave him behind.

Kudos should be given to Five for not giving up on Three regardless of his rather weak attempt to push her away; especially using the line from the title of the episode. He told Five that he should have spaced her when he had the chance, but she was smart enough to know what he was doing. She may have left him behind in order to save her life, but she used her superior intellect to stop the GA from harming him. Fixing that missile to backfire on the GA was pretty slick, wasn’t it?

It also didn’t hurt that Two, Four, Six and Nyx – with an assist from the Android – were able to track them down in the woods to provide much needed back-up. I have a feeling, though, that despite the Raza crew getting the upper-hand where Kierkan and the GA are concerned this time, it’s going to come back at them in the finale.

And, how about those final reveals that Four wanted the Android to help him regain his memories from before they went into stasis; and the fact that Six told Two they should use the blink drive in order to become “intergalactic cops,” saving people who are being affected by the GA and the impending war between the corporations that pretty much run everything in that universe.

Given how close the show is to its season finale (YAY! that the show has been given a third season order, by the way), what do you think is going to happen in that final episode given all that happens so far? Please share your thoughts below.

The season finale of the second season of ‘Dark Matter’ will air next Friday, September 16 at 10/9c on Syfy.