Dark Matter “Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose” Review (Season 2, Episode 12)

Sometimes in Life You Don't

The second of two back-to-back episodes of Dark Matter aired on Friday night as the sci-fi series prepares for the airing of its finale next week.

In my opinion, this was maybe the most disturbing episode of the season (except for the tragic and unexpected death of One) because of the actions of Four (aka Ryo). As we saw in the opening scene, he regained his memories, with the help of the Android, and was intent on taking over the rule of his home planet.

He is, of course, the rightful heir to the throne, but his step-mother has made sure that her son – Ryo’s step-brother – has been holding that position since the murder of their father, which was blamed on Ryo.

As viewers know, it was actually the step-mother who killed her own husband, blaming the death on Ryo in order to guarantee her son became the Emperor. Naturally, the step-brother did not want that role and always believed that his brother Ryo should take his rightful place; but being the power-hungry woman that she clearly has always been, the step-mother wouldn’t relinquish her hold.

That is until Ryo got his memories back!!

The bloody path of bodies that he left in his wake to get his throne back was shocking. First, he went after the Generals from his home planet, taking them down with that mighty sword that he wields with precision if they didn’t side with him. And then even more troubling, he eventually took down – through the actions of the Imperial Guards on his home planet – not only his duplicitous step-mother but also his step-brother as well as the Seers from previous episodes who were in league with his step-mother.

What was your reaction to that closing scene? Did you react the way that Two and the rest of the Raza crew did – with shock and disbelief? Or, did you see his depiction? It was just so hard watching those death blows come down.

While this was a hard episode to deal with there were two interesting and/or redeeming moments. One was watching Five get the better of the guards at the temple and rescuing Ryo’s step-brother. It was great to see her take charge and hold her own. Second, there was the reveal that Two – with the help of Five – was the one who changed the emotive subroutine of the Android, making “her” more human – even before the upgrade chip given to the Android by Victor. What was the real purpose behind change to the Android’s subroutine, though? Was it for nefarious means or some other reason? I hope that this is one of the questions answered in the finale.

What are your thoughts on this season of the show? How do you think things will play out with Four and the rest of the crew? Will they ever bring up Devon again? And what plans do the GA have for the crew? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Again, the season finale of the second season of ‘Dark Matter’ will air next Friday, September 16 at 10/9c on Syfy.