Mr. Robot “eps2.8h1dden-pr0cess.axx” Review (Season 2 Episode 10)

I was surprised to see an episode of Mr. Robot this season so short – it was 1:03, which is short for this overindulgent season – but it made sense by the end of the hour. This was a slight installment of the show that didn’t have a whole lot to accomplish, so we were treated to several drawn-out scenes that served to stretch out the running time. What we did get was actually some of the show’s strongest material this season, but it doesn’t fully make up for the long, dead stretches in “eps2.8h1dden-pr0cess.axx”.

Starting with the strengths, we got three great monologues from characters last night, moments that gave great new details for some of the show’s most fascinating individuals. The highlight was Joanna’s, telling Elliot a story of her relationship with Tyrell that further cemented how twisted the two of them actually were together. Joanna didn’t play as big of a role in last night’s episode as I would’ve hoped – she’s been frustratingly underused this season – but she made up for it with the week’s best scene.

Nearly as good were the monologues from Darlene and Price, each of which gave more insight into what drives them. For Price, it’s unsurprisingly a simple desire to be the most powerful man in the world. It certainly is an effective enough reason to explain why he’s willing to go to war with Whiterose, if not the deepest. Meanwhile, Darlene’s history further painted in why she’s so devoted to Elliot, given that he’s the only family she’s ever truly felt a connection to.

Elliot’s mission to find Tyrell served as the main thrust for this episode, but there wasn’t a whole lot to it. The show does a good job of showing off Elliot’s hacks in a legitimate manner, but it’s hard to be as excited after seeing them done so many times. Plus, this story once again got cut off in a frustrating manner, with Joanna’s bodyguard recognizing the address Elliot found without cluing him – or us – in. Hopefully, we can get some actually follow up on that next week.

We’ll no doubt also get follow up on Cisco’s fate, which is a legitimate question. He’s not an important enough character to make it through unscathed, but his living could serve the plot just as well as his death. On a related note, this was a great week for Dom as well, as we got to see her do some solid detective work to find Cisco and Darlene before the shooting began.

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