Killjoys “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” Review (Season 2 Episode 10)

Dutch and Khylen - Killjoys

Killjoys capped off its amazingly strong second season with a great finale to bursting with big developments and countless great character moments and interactions. Though “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” did take a few shortcuts in order to fit everything in, this was still everything one could hope for from a season finale, bringing the year’s stories to a close while setting up a new status quo for the (now confirmed!) third season.

Getting it out of the way first, the one shortcut that was the episode’s biggest “gimme” was the visit to the Scarbacks and Dutch’s deduction that their ancient document doubled as a star chart. I mostly give it a pass as it came early and was a bit of a necessary evil, but it was a pretty quick realization. Still, with all this episode needed to accomplish, I’m fine with it not getting too bogged down in the details.

More importantly, things took off quick once the team was assembled and headed to find the tree. The main chunk of the episode took place at the interstellar bank, and this is where plenty of the episode’s best moments happened. From the season-highlight fight scene featuring Dutch and Khylen to Johnny’s space dogfighting, everyone got something fun to do in this mission. The highlight for me, though, was the constant comic bickering between D’avin and Fancy, which culminated in D’avin’s gleeful moment using Fancy as a human shield.

Things took a turn for the dramatic, however, as Khylen realized that in order to destroy the plasma in the Quad, he was going to have to sacrifice himself. I’ll admit, I wasn’t that impacted by Khylen’s death, if only because his turnaround has felt a bit rushed this season. This is due more to limited appearances than anything else, but even Dutch is conflicted about her feelings. As Johnny points out, it’s understandable to miss and love someone you hate, and the opening flashback reminds that Dutch did have a few nice moments with Khylen.

And though the majority of the episode seemed to be speeding past the death of Pawter too quickly, it returned to it in a big way in the final act, first in a nice farewell seen with Pree before Johnny took a meeting with Delle Seyah Kendry. From the second the two came face to face, it was obvious why Johnny was there, and his shooting of Kendry is a big moment for the character. Of course as Johnny takes off with the returning Clara at the end, Kendry’s smile makes it hard to imagine she’s fully out of the picture. Just one of the many dangling plot threads fans can obsess over until the show returns for season three in 2017.

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