Dark Matter “Take the Shot” Review (Season 2, Episode 10)

Take the Shot

It was the tale of two Androids on the latest episode of Dark Matter on Syfy last night.

As viewers know, but as the crew of the Raza just learned, the Android has been running a simulation of its original manufacturer’s version in the background of the ship secretly communicating with – shall we say – “her” evil doppelganger. Well, maybe evil is a bit harsh seeing as how it turned out, after some research on Five’s part, that it seemed the alternate Commander Truffault left behind a nasty little virus on the Raza as a parting gift of their time exploring that unsettling alternate world.

That little virus was wreaking havoc not only on the Android while it was in its charging station – we’ll talk about those dreams the Android was having shortly – but also on Two, Three and Four because of their neural link with the ship.

First, Four was being revisited by his rival Misaki, whose life he ended in an earlier episode this season, but who was seemingly back on board the Raza. She was also kicking his ass and drove her sword straight through him. Thank God that was a hallucination.

Then it was Two’s turn, as she was revisited by Rook’s men who – in her hallucination – were attempting to end her life once and for all. Thankfully, Six and Nyx were there to get her out of the bad dream, but that didn’t mean she nearly choked the life out of Six in the process.

As for Three, he was revisited by his dead girlfriend Sarah, who nearly convinced him to take his life in order to be reunited with her. If it hadn’t been for Five’s genius level knowledge of anything electronic, working her way into his berth’s computer system, she was able to see what he was doing and helped Six to get in Three’s room before that almost fatal shot.

Now how about that dream world that the Android experienced with Victor? How many of us had a feeling that Victor would be seen again? I’m guessing that upgrade chip does more than make her appear more human, huh? Luckily, the Android figured out that the dream world was just that – a dream (even though it’s extremely strange that the Android can even dream while on its charging station) and was able to reboot itself in order to save her crew – no to be more precise she called them her friends. The Android saved the day that’s for sure!

And, how about that closing scene of Four looking over his neural link with the ship? Remember he was supposed to wipe out his link along with the links for Two and Three. I can only hope that he actually deleted their links and only kept his own. We know that he wants to regain his lost memories in order to help his home world, but what kind of jeopardy could he be putting not only himself in but also everyone on the Raza?

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As we draw very close to the end of season two of ‘Dark Matter,’ there will be two back-to-back episodes airing next Friday, September 9 at 10/9c and 11/10 c on Syfy.