Mr. Robot “eps2.7init5.fve” Review (Season 2 Episode 9)

I was fairly certain when this episode of Mr. Robot started out that we were going to spend a large chunk of the episode exploring the events of Elliot’s story this season as they actually happened. In seeing his first day in prison, we were getting a lot of the small details filled in, including the reveal that Ray was the prison’s warden. However, “eps2.7init5.fve” was quick to move past Elliot’s incarceration, finally bringing him more fully into this season’s plotlines.

Honestly, I think things moved a bit too fast. I know I’ve complained about how dragged out this season has been so far, but it would’ve been nice to get a few more scenes filling in some of the events of the season more clearly. Instead, the prison gets dropped so fast that it only further underlines how much time we wasted there. But hey, at least we learned why Elliot was arrested – his therapist’s ex – and who it was that knocked on his door at the end of season 1.

Actually, it was funny seeing that last scene of the first season again, as it underlined just how often this show likes to end by cutting to black before we see who a character is looking at. It happened just last week with Trenton, and we got it twice here with both Cisco and Darlene. At the very least, we saw Elliot confronted by a smirking Joanna, thankfully bringing back one of the show’s best characters in a big way.

Before that moment, though, we got an episode about Elliot getting back into fsociety business, though his presence does little to spice up the plodding Dark Army plot. We’ve had numerous episodes of the characters talking about the threat of Dark Army without much action on that front; Cisco’s gotten a few beatings, but how much do we really care about Cisco?

More interestingly, if a bit out of nowhere, was the fact that Elliot’s already tenuous grasp on reality seems to be falling apart. From the glitches between himself and Mr. Robot to the scenes where he seemed to be having an out-of-body experience, this was a trippy story for the character, made all the more concerning by the fact that the usually in-control Mr. Robot doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening either.

Elsewhere, we got a few scenes for Angela that showed she’s ready to start pursuing her original mission, stealing E Corp files and attempting to turn them over to the waste commission. However, after reliving a certain De Niro scene from Goodfellas, she realizes she doesn’t know who to trust. Dom’s lifeline is likely her best option, whether she realizes it or not. And at the top of the corporate world, Whiterose and Phillip Price seem ready to go to war, which is yet another development that seems ready to complicate the plot even more.

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