‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 7): This Is All One Big Death Trap

DArkest Knight

It was just a couple weeks ago where I asked lots of questions about who could be A.D. on the long-running soap opera Pretty Little Liars. With the summer finale of the show airing last night, it would seem that we are getting very, very close to finding out who it is, but not soon enough.

Although given the fact that the show’s home network – the newly monikered Freeform (formerly ABC Family) – announced that the show will officially end at the conclusion of this current season, the answers better start coming quickly when the show comes back next spring.

In the meantime, let’s talk about what happened in the summer finale, shall we? There was SO much going on that it was hard to wrap your head around it all.

• Hanna had Noel – who she suspected to be A.D. – tied up in that seedy hotel room, slicing his leg in order to get a blood sample that she had compared to Mary Drake’s blood to determine if he really was Mary’s second illegitimate child. As we learned, after a very romantic night between Caleb and Hanna, that the blood didn’t match. Dun, dun, dun!!! Who, then, is Mary’s second child and why was Noel helping Charlotte back in the day at the Dollhouse, torturing Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer? [More on Mary’s other child shortly.]

• The girls come clean (for the most part, I’m sure no one except them is aware of what they did to Archer aka Dr. Rollins) to Detective Furey at least about Hanna being MIA, their suspicions about Mary Drake (etc.). But Hanna returned to Rosewood once she realized that her disappearance was being reported all over the news so much so that her mom – who was overseas at a conference – was up in arms about it all.

• Spencer goes to see Toby prior to his leaving Rosewood for good with fiancé Yvonne, giving him a book that she always kept on her nightstand, and gave him a pretty intense goodbye kiss. You could not only feel the tension between them but also saw that Toby had what appeared to be a moment of doubt, maybe… Worse yet for Toby and Yvonne was that last scene of them covered in blood inside his crashed truck against a tree. Somehow that accident isn’t going to have a happy ending, right?

• Allison made the surprising announcement to Emily that she is pregnant to Archer aka Dr. Rollins – the very guy who kept her locked up in that sanitarium; the very guy who was actually in love with Charlotte, but faked his relationship with Allison to get even. Will she keep the baby? Is this going to send her over the edge, yet again?

• Aria learned that Nicole (Ezra’s former love who has been missing for years) wasn’t among the kidnap victims only to be thoroughly shocked by the revelation on the news that she was actually found. And worse yet, Aria saw Nicole rushing to Ezra’s open arms (and how about that quick kiss?!) when he was supposed to be coming home to her. Each of the liars have had tumultuous relationships, but this may end Ezria for good.

• And, how about the final scenes in that death trap of a house? Hanna and Emily fight off Noel, who ended up decapitated; Jenna was walking around with a gun (Jenna Got A Gun, anyone?!) and presumably shot Spencer [although Jenna asked whoever took her in that van if they shot Spencer]; Mary Drake was at that death trap of a house (why?!), revealing that she is Spencer’s mom [SAY WHAT?!] and did I mention that Spencer got shot!?! Needless to say, as Batman said to the Riddler in Batman Forever, “this is all one big death trap” and that doesn’t just extend to that creepy house but the entirety of Rosewood, Pennsylvania.

All I can say is this: Pretty Little Liars writers, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do next year!!!

What are your thoughts on the summer finale and the episodes that led up to it? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The final 10 episodes (EVER) of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will return on Freeform in April 2017.