The Fosters “Collateral Damage” Review (Season 4, Episode 10)


It was a tumultuous summer finale on The Fosters last night with every single member of the Adams-Foster family in jeopardy – one way or another. No one more so than Callie.

Not only was she potentially facing threats from rival Justina Marks but her relationship with AJ was in peril because of her near obsessive behavior over new friend Aaron. Those two things pale in comparison to the possible dire straits for which Callie found herself in the closing scenes, though. Worried over her sister Mariana, Callie agreed to get in the car with a man that she had just met that day at Bay Fest. Sure, he claimed that he saw Mariana get in a car with some guy, and she wanted to come to Mariana’s rescue. But when Aaron called her to say that suspect Doug Harvey’s DNA didn’t match but that another set of DNA was found, you could almost see the lightbulb go off over her head. Sure enough, the other DNA was a familial match to murder victim – and that could very well be the guy she was in the car with.

Thank you so much for that cliffhanger!!

On the other spectrum, Brandon got the exciting news that he got accepted to Julliard only to have the rug pulled out from under him because of a really poor judgment call he made in order to help out his girlfriend Cortney. Viewers will remember that Brandon was trying to find more money to help Cortney – not only with rent and monthly bills but also because Cortney was facing losing her son to her ex. He decided to take the SAT for a fellow student – posing as him at a different school. That one act ruined his chances with Julliard because that fellow student got caught taking the SAT – he scored MUCH lower than Brandon did on the test – and the kid squealed like a pig, turning Brandon in on their cheating. Now what is Brandon going to do?

Thank you so much for that cliffhanger!!

Then there is the drama known as Mariana. Not only is she still taking her brother Jesus’s ADHD medication, but she combined it with a drink of alcohol at Bay Fest – because she discovered that current boyfriend Mat was accepted to Berkeley – only not the Berkeley that she thought but the Berkeley School of Music in Boston. And, worse yet, she started seeing Nick all around the Bay Fest (let’s guess that hallucinations are a side effect of alcohol and Jesus’s prescription), causing her to run off.

As we saw Mariana called Jesus about her worry that Nick was there following her, and he – of course – called Nick to see if he was actually there. That caused Nick to cut his ankle monitor (he was home for the weekend on house arrest), heading out to look for her. Naturally – because it’s a TV drama after all and the summer finale to boot – Nick found her when no one could until Emma and Jesus discovered them together, causing that monumental fight between Jesus and Nick that ending with Nick hitting Jesus in the face right where he suffered that nail gun injury.

Thank you so much for that cliffhanger!!

Other cliffhangers included Jude going off with Noah, who he was told not to see because of their being caught together in the family’s garage getting high on Noah’s marijuana (prescription or no) and Stef dealing with dirty cop/Detective Grey, who could easily jeopardize not only her hopes of becoming a detective herself but more importantly her job.

What did you think of the climatic cliffhangers in the summer finale of ‘The Foster’s? Please share your thoughts below.

The rest of the fourth season of ‘The Fosters’ will return to Freeform sometime next year.