What I am Excited About in Sci-fi/Fantasy TV for 2016-2017

Frequency, Westworld, Timeless, Time After Time, Van Helsing, Powerless, Making History, No Tomorrow

It is truly a great time to be a neek (nerd + geek)! If you have read some of my previous articles, you will know that my leanings are strongly towards sci-fi and fantasy TV programming. Therefore it is only logical that at this time of year, as summer programming is winding down, my thoughts turn to fall and what is on the horizon.

I already have a lot of sci-fi/fantasy programs I follow, and fortunately many of them (eighteen to be exact) are returning this fall. The downside of that is that I have to be more selective about which programs I add because contrary to popular belief, I do need to sleep a little!

But enough of that, what is intriguing on the horizon? Let’s take a look at the new sci-fi/fantasy shows that I plan to try out.

Westworld; HBO, premieres Oct. 2 at 9 pm

Westworld logo

Normally I do not get excited about new HBO programming, because we usually only subscribe in order to watch Game of Thrones. However, as an incentive to get us to sign a new contract, and part of the upgrade with a new router, we were offered a free premium channel for a year. How fortunate for me that Westworld will be on during this time!

I saw the original Westworld in a theater in 1973. This program is based on that movie, which also spawned a sequel and a short-lived TV series. Westworld is a futuristic theme park where close-to-human robots provide the entertainment for the guests. As any neek knows, you can be guaranteed that something will go wrong. I can’t wait!

No Tomorrow; The CW, premieres Oct. 4 at 9 pm

George and Jenn An - No Tomorrow

Ok, I admit it; I watched every episode of You, Me, and the Apocalypse. I liked that show a lot. I would have watched a second season if it had not been canceled. This may be why I am curious to see what No Tomorrow is like. Billed as a romantic fantasy comedy-drama (which pretty much covers all bases, doesn’t it?), this program is based on a Brazilian TV program.

The premise is that a woman falls for a man who claims that the world will end in eight months and twelve days. He convinces her to work on her bucket list before the apocalypse happens. She and her friend try to figure out if he is prescient or nuts while she works on her list.

Frequency; The CW, premieres Oct. 5 at 9 pm


Frequency is based on the movie by the same name. In the movie, a detective talks to his deceased father but 30 years in the past, using the connection to help solve a crime that was never resolved.

The description for the TV program has a detective talking to her deceased father, who was also a detective. The pair team up to work on cold cases. I also happen to enjoy crime procedurals, so this might be an interesting combination of fantasy and villainy.

Making History; FOX, no premiere date – mid-season, Sundays at 8:30 pm

Making History

Time travel seems to be the latest trend in TV. There are three new shows that deal with some aspect of it. And this does not take into account returning shows that also contain time travel. Like Captain Janeway, I sometimes find time travel gives me a headache, but I still am drawn to these shows!

Making History features three friends who travel through time. It is a comedy, and of course it contains romance as one of the driving forces of the action. One of the main characters figures out how to travel in time, and falls in love with a woman in the past. Of course, there are always ramifications when messing with the past. Just how serious they will be remains to be seen!

Timeless; NBC, premieres Oct. 3 at 10 pm


Another time travel program, this one is actually my favorite of the three new shows based on the description. In Timeless, criminal has stolen a time travel device and is intent on destroying the United States by changing history. A team of three is sent back to try and stop him.

I enjoy programs with teams of people that may be very different but must work together to solve some huge problem. It also seems from the preview that there will be a good amount of snark in the dialogue which is something else I look for!

Powerless; NBC, no premiere date – mid-season


Powerless is not exactly about super heroes, but this program covers material I know I have wondered about! Every time the super heroes save the earth, there is massive destruction. Somebody has to clean up and rebuild! That is what these characters do. I really want to see where this show goes! Another bonus with this program is that it stars, among others, Alan Tudyk from Firefly!

Time after Time; ABC, no premiere date – mid-season

Time after Time

This program is based on the movie of the same name. The premise is that H.G. Wells built a real time machine, and said device was stolen by Jack the Ripper. Jack traveled to the future, i.e., our time. Wells pursues Jack to bring him to justice. Piece of cake, right?

Van Helsing; Syfy, premieres Oct. 23 at 10 pm

Vanessa - Van Helsing

Vanessa Helsing, daughter of Abraham Van Helsing, is the only one that can save the world when the vampires rise up and take over the world in a near future post-apocalyptic setting. Because the movie Van Helsing was set in 1887, Vanessa would not be alive today. Thus, she has been resurrected to fight for our world.


Have you started thinking about fall programming? Do you have a list of the new programs you are going to try? If so, then please share them with me in the comments section below – I love to hear what others are watching and have found some gems that way I might otherwise have not seen!