Killjoys “Johnny Be Good” Review (Season 2 Episode 9)

It’s good to have the gang – and Pawter – back together again in a Killjoys that gives us almost everything we could want from an episode. High action, plot progression, great character interactions and, most importantly, Pree being a boss: “Johnny Be Good” has it all. It also has plenty of tragedy, making this one of the most emotionally affecting episodes the show has given us yet.

Early in the season, I complained that Johnny wasn’t getting much focus, and I’m glad to say I was speaking just a week or so too soon .The show’s given Johnny a great arc this season, one that comes to a head this week. Ultimately, he’s a good guy who wants to do the right thing, but he’s been stuck between his loyalty to Dutch and his love for Pawter. In finally being open with Dutch and having a real conversation, the two are able to bury the hatchet and be a real team again, however Dutch may feel about Pawter.

Speaking of, even more than Johnny, this arc has belonged to Pawter, with Sarah Power doing fantastic work in this episode and across the season as a whole. She’s run a wide gamut of emotions and stories, from being Jelco’s prisoner to reconciling with her family and finally taking her place as a member of the Nine. In turn, she’s done all she can to help people and bring down the wall. She’s been a fantastic character, and the thought of seeing her as a full member of the crew is an appealing one.

Right away, though, this ending for Johnny and Pawter reads as too happy for the show, but it almost seems like something we can hope for. It’s not as if Pawter hasn’t suffered; she makes a major compromise of her ethics in order to bring about a greater good. Sadly, that’s not enough, and a scorned Delle Seyah Kendry kills her in an act of retribution, reclaiming her position as the most detestable character on the show in the process. It’s the sort of gut-punch moment we can always count on Killjoys to deliver, a tragic, if understandable, end for a great character.

It’s also a moment that brings even more Level 6 soldiers into the mix, and it’s getting to be a little ridiculous how the once-mythical killjoy status has now become so fruitful. That said, it seems like we’re all set for some big reveals in next week’s finale, with Fancy Lee freeing Jelco and offering to take Dutch to Khylen.

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