Dark Matter “Going Out Fighting” Review (Season 2, Episode 9)

Going Out Fighting

We’ve been wondering for quite some time what exactly was wrong with Two on Dark Matter and in last night’s new episode it was finally explained that the nanites that have basically been her “superpower” (if you will) were in a critical stage of failure. Simply put: Two was dying.

The only way to save her life was to travel to Earth; back to where it all started for her; to the lab that created her and the very place where she escaped, killing nearly every person who stood in her way. They had to break into Dwarf Star Technologies to steal a cure. That cure turned out to be the second generation of nanites that were created after her escape because the researchers at Dwarf Star discovered – before Two did – that her nanites contained a design flaw.

Thankfully, the tech lab was able to cook up a new batch, but they also created a new version of Two – except in male form – a version that was stronger, faster, tougher and much more loyal to its creators than Two. But not even Two 2.0 (see what I did there, okay, so it’s not THAT funny, but maybe it’s just a little funny) could withstand the onslaught of the one and only Four (aka Ryo) who took him down with some well-placed bullets – specifically one to the head and then finished him off with his sword. That’s one positive way to end a nanite-infused superhuman, right?

Just before Two expired, though, given that the Android gave her a 24-hour nanite power boost that would end her life very quickly (if they couldn’t get the new and improved nanites that were subsequently taken by Rook, the megalomaniac who oversaw the project that created Two in the first place, Six had the smart idea to use blood from the second generation version to save her life.

While her life was saved at the 11th hour, they were nearly succumbed by that crazy squid-like creature used on Three by Rook to extract information on Two’s location. I’m really hoping that we don’t learn more about whatever that creature was, but since there are four more episodes left in the season, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of that creature or – for that matter – whoever or whatever their wayward stowaway from last week.

Oh, and how about that strange dream for which the Android experience? As we’ve learned the Android is not your regular everyday Android in that world; but a modified version. But that dream – while hooked by to its charging station – was rather unexpected, right? Or maybe it’s simply an after-effect of the upgraded chip that she used to pass as human.

What do you think about the Android’s dream? What do you think Rook will do next to get Two back? Has the Raza seen the last of that creature? Also, will Ryo return to his home planet or stay dedicated to his new “family” on the Raza? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Dark Matter’ will air on Syfy on Friday, September 2 at 10/9c.