‘Beauty And the Beast’ (Season 4): Will They Ever Get a Happy Ending?

Happy Ending

Every episode of Beauty And the Beast for the past couple of seasons has included either Catherine and/or Vincent – if not both of them – mentioning wanting to get their happy ending. And each and every episode has put a roadblock before them to reach that goal.

With the show ending at the conclusion of this season – the show’s fourth – there are only a few more episodes remaining for this constantly at-risk couple to finally attain that which they have been seeking for so long. But given how long they have been the at-risk couple, is it even possible for them to dig their way out of their troubles let alone even get close to happily ever after?

At the end of last season when they were finally able to get married – on the rooftop of Catherine’s apartment building with cop partner Tess officiating the ceremony and only best man J.T. and maid of honor Heather in attendance – it seemed that their goal was – at last – at hand.

But as we saw when this season started, Vincent was being hunted, once again, and they got dragged right back into the thick of it all, risking life and limb – and probably a little bit of their sanity as well. After all, they’ve been striving to get a normal life for so long and just when it seemed to become a possibility it’s squashed like a bug

On the other side of the coin, though, given how long they have been dealing with one monumental crisis after another, do they really think they could be happy without being in the middle of a seemingly insurmountable problem? I have to wonder if they can. What do you think?

Let’s imagine the scenario: They find whoever is hunting for Vincent, stop him or her and get out from under all of their troubles. What do they do next? Do they move out of city? Or, do they stay there? Do they stay in Catherine’s apartment or move somewhere else within the city? Does Catherine stop being a cop or a federal agent? Does Vincent give up being a doctor? Do they move to the country and become farmers? How do they find their happy ending? And if they do reach that pinnacle, will it really make them happy? They have had to deal with so much over the last few years that I don’t think they would be happy with their perceived happy ending. It would end up boring to them. I think they would actually miss all that strive and struggle, ending up going stir crazy.

Am I wrong in that summation? Do you think that Catherine and Vincent can really be happy with a happy ending? Can you really see them just being like everyone else? It’s hard to imagine after four seasons of complications, but in the few episodes left, we shall see how they attain what they so sorely desire.

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The next episode of the fourth and final season of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ is expected to air on The CW on Thursday, September 8 at 9/8c.