The Fosters “New York” Review (Season 4, Episode 9)

New York

With only one episode remaining for the first half of the fourth season of The Fosters, the story of the Adams-Foster family has been building up to a crescendo much the way Brandon’s audition piece at Julliard.

Before we delve into that part of the storyline from last night’s all new episodes, let’s take a look at some of the other events that happened:

• Lena and Stef announced to their kids – sans Brandon – that “Momma and I are filing for divorce.” What?! Of course, that opening scene then jumped three days earlier and had viewers chomping at the bit to find out what was really going on because Lena and Stef couldn’t possibly be really getting divorced, right?

CONCLUSION: No, they’re not – despite the obstacles in their relationship – they are merely “filing” for divorce as a last-ditch effort to stop the sale of the family house since the prospective new owners will not let them get out of the deal to sell the house. Oddly enough, their real estate agent, who is going through a nasty divorce herself, suggested the idea. Let’s hope it actually works so the family doesn’t lose their home.

• Jude is obviously still peeved at Callie for confronting his new boyfriend Noah and his minister mom about the marijuana; but that doesn’t negate the fact that they are getting high together on what is supposed to be Noah’s “prescription” nor does it negate the fact that Jude didn’t come clean with his moms when they asked the family where the pipe – that was found during their yard sale – was almost purchased by a customer of said yard sale.

CONCLUSION: Jude is still mad at Callie and then he and Noah got caught smoking in the family’s garage by both Stef and Lena. That isn’t going to end well for either of them, I’m sure.

• Callie and AJ use the empty three-bedroom apartment at Mike’s apartment complex for their latest “hook-up” only to nearly be caught by Mike and Stef, who is there in the vein attempt to find a place for the family to temporarily live. Hiding in the closet the teen couple hear Mike criticize Callie for “toying” boys along and his concern that she is going to hurt another one of his sons.

CONCLUSION: They didn’t get caught in the closet (where they were hiding), but this revelation made Callie come clean with AJ about how she met Aaron; and given the clips for next week’s summer finale, things are going to come to a nasty head between Aaron and Callie. Who do you think is going to get hurt the most there?

• Mariana is taking Jesus’s medications again, and she is hiding that from the family. What she wasn’t hiding from the family – or more specifically Lena – is how angry she was when she read an old, unearthed journal that clearly showed that Lena didn’t want to adopt the twins in the beginning.

CONCLUSION: As it turned out, Lena was more unsure of herself than she was unsure of Mariana. Lena revealed that Mariana bonded with her immediately, but since Lena didn’t have a close relationship like that with her own mother, the experience left her very unsettled – at the time. But, Lena told her from the bottom of her hear that “adopting you was a gift.”

Then there was Brandon, who not only “killed it” at his Julliard audition, but also meet a girl named Ari who opened his eyes (hopefully) to the fact that if he really wants to go to Julliard – as he some vehemently claims he does – then he has to dedicate all of himself to it. He can’t let Cortney or Mason hold him back from his future. Now whether her suggestion to break up with Cortney by letter was the right choice is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure this isn’t going to have a happy ending for someone.

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