Guilt “What Did You Do” Review (Season 1, Episode 10)


And the murderer of twentysomething Irish college student Molly Ryan on the Freeform freshman drama Guilt was [SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you haven’t watched the final episode yet!!):

Luc Pascal

Were you expecting that revelation? I sure wasn’t.

But the even bigger revelation was…wait, let’s take a look at what happened in the show’s final episode before we delve into the events of that last scene, shall we?

The verdict was in as to whether Grace Atwood was going to be found innocent or guilty of murdering her best friend and roommate Molly; and with only two hours left before the verdict was read former DS Alex Bruno and current DCI Pike needed to find some solid proof as to who really committed the heinous act.

With the discovery of missing woman Jessica Marshall at the end of last week’s episode, it was up to DNA results to find out “whodunit”. As it turned out, Luc Pascal’s fingerprints were all over the woman’s body. Naturally this led Bruno and Pike to Luc’s flat where he finally admitted that he not only killed Jessica (she was a client of his at the brothel) but also Molly because she knew what he did to Jessica and she was going to tell.

Unfortunately for Grace, Luc took his own life after making his confession, which was recorded by Pike. But that confession wasn’t going to be enough for the hard-ass judge; they knew they were going to need concrete proof. They had to find the clothing Luc was wearing when he repeatedly stabbed Molly and the only clue they had to go on was the last gasp words “I fed them to the dragon.”

Of course, at the last minute the coppers found his clothes hidden on the roof of a nearby restaurant called Twin Dragon and they arrived at the courthouse just in time to stop the jury from taking their place to read the verdict.

Grace was found innocent of killing Molly, but as we saw in that final scene, Grace learned that their other roommate Roz was the culprit behind it all. After all, she knew everything that happened at that sex club – including the fact that Luc killed Jessica (she like to be strangled during sex and their last encounter had a fatal ending). The bigger reveal was that Roz and Molly were in love, but since Molly was pregnant with Prince Theo’s “love” child she thought he would leave his fiancé for her and Roz was jealous. She used what she knew about Luc to blackmail him into killing Molly.

That final scene of Grace knocking Roz around and then whacking her with a bowl (or was that a paperweight?), getting splattered with the girl’s blood only to have her sister Natalie walk into the apartment looking for – they were to leave for America after all – was chilling.

So, what are your thoughts on the debut season of the show? Did you guess who was the culprit or were you surprised? Do you want to see the show return in order to find out if Prince Theo survives? Were you surprised by the reveal that Stan was not only a Rhodes Scholar (back in the day) but also the biological dad of reporter Veena Patel? I sure didn’t see that coming until the words were spilling out of Veena’s mouth. Please share your thoughts on the show below.

An official announcement has yet to be made by Freeform as to whether ‘Guilt’ will return for a second season or not.