BrainDead “Taking on Water…” Review (Season 1 Episode 9)

BrainDead 12

On the latest episode of “BrainDead,” it was left up to the viewer what the grossest thing in the episode was: Red eating someone’s splattered brains off the wall and scraping off the rest to save for later in a Tupperware bowl- or the thought of Laurel having sex with Michael Moore; in “Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. Are Discovered and Patched.” What your answer is says a lot about you, lol!

The episode was basically divided into two major parts: Laurel and company trying to figure out what was going on behind the door of the mysterious Room SRB-54 and Congress looking into trying to find out who leaked the information about the head explosions having nothing to do with Syrian terrorists.

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As to the former, first Laurel looked into it to no avail, then Luke, who didn’t fare much better, with both blocked by a man named Don Pickle (Jacob Pitts, “Justified”), who claimed to be a legislative aide, along with several massive goons keeping anyone from going inside. Not one to take no for an answer, Laurel went to Gareth with the news, hoping he could help.

Sure enough, he was blocked as well, and when he asked Red about it, he tells Gareth to stay away, as it doesn’t concern him. So, Gareth figures out a way to cut the room’s Wi-Fi, which forces the denizens of the room to let him in, where he sneaks a peek at some blueprints, which he also photographs, as well as a clock counting down from 38 days to September 12th, for some unknown reason.

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Eventually, Gareth discovers that the blueprints are for planned Syrian “refugee camps” (!), which Red and his supporters plan to inter them in once they proved that the Syrians are behind the whole head explosion thing. Once Luke gets wind of it, he threatens to expose Red’s insane plans publicly, but Red is undeterred and tells Luke to go ahead.

Meanwhile, Red and Ella successfully lobby for Special Prosecutor Lawrence Boch (Michael Gaston, “Murder in the First”) to investigate the source of the CIA leak about the head explosions being connected to Syrian terrorists, as an unbiased party between both the liberals and conservatives.

BrainDead 9

He clearly thinks it’s Luke’s doings, likely because of Red, and advises Luke to hire a lawyer for him and his sister, who will also be questioned, whether they are guilty or not. They hire Kara Wright (Linda Emond, “Law & Order: SVU”) to represent both of them, who advises them to not speak about anything and to let her do all the talking, which they basically do.

Meanwhile, Red hires Ashley Cook (Tracie Thoms, “Cold Case”) to dig up dirt on Luke and especially Laurel, hoping to discredit them both. He asks Gareth to help, but all he really does is relay info about their progress back to Laurel herself, including the claims that she slept with a professor in college and aborted his baby at one point, which proves true on the former, but false on the latter, as does her only doing it for a good grade: she only got a B in his class.

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Ashley also digs up Laurel’s magic “number,” aka the number of people she’s slept with, which proves to be 24, which Gareth is a bit taken aback by. Though Laurel won’t confirm or deny this particular bit of info, Gareth is essentially able to get past it…until he finds out one of them might be notorious liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, who he likens to his having slept with Ann Coulter. (Okay, maybe THAT is worse, lol.)

Amusingly, we get a look inside Gareth’s thought process as he actually pictures Moore hooking up with Laurel, which we see as well, seemingly portrayed by Moore himself, or at least a CGI simulation of him. Gareth is so sickened by this thought he pukes, then can’t get past it with Laurel, who, taking the bait, says that it’s true, though we find out later she’s actually testing him, as it isn’t.

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Of course, by then, the damage is done and Laurel is way too upset with Gareth to let all of this slide, suggesting they take an extended “break” for a while to gather their bearings and decide how to proceed. It’s obvious that Gareth went too far for her tastes and she needs a time-out to figure out if she can get past their fundamental differences.

Hopefully, they can, but it’s not looking good at the moment, and I can’t say I blame Laurel for her reaction. Gareth definitely fumbled the ball all around in his handling of all of this, and the worst thing is, in doing so, Laurel lost a valuable asset within the opposing team’s side that could help her and her people defend themselves against the bad guys/girls on the conservative side. Oh well.

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In the end, after Luke tells Boch about Red’s insane plans for the Syrians, Boch confronts Red about it in his office, and astonishingly, Red shoots him dead right then and there, then manages to convince an intern to help him cover up the crime. That is, after he scoops up the aforementioned brains splattered on the walls and has himself a taste before saving the rest for a rainy day! Can you say: “ew”?

We later discover that it’s actually Kara Wright that leaked the information to the reporter, and both sides are innocent after all. Wright promises reporter Claudia Monarch (Beth Malone, “Judging Amy”) that she’ll keep her out of jail- Boch had her put in jail for refusing to reveal her source for the leaked info after Luke and Laurel denied it being them- if she keeps quiet about it being her who was the source, which she agrees to.

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That’s about all she wrote for this episode, which was a decent enough effort, though I really missed Gustav and Dr. Daudier. It was nice seeing Tracie Thoms again- the last thing I think I saw her in was “Death Proof,” which you might recall co-starred a cheerleader outfit-clad actress by the name of…Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so that was a nice connection.

That said, Red killing someone in cold blood was a bit of a shocker, as were his insane plans for the Syrians, but nothing could touch the sight of him munching on brain matter splatter off the walls- ugh! I won’t soon forget that, anymore than I’ll forget the sight of Michael Moore emerging from the sheets after performing oral on Laurel. Eep!

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What did you think of the latest episode of “BrainDead”? What was the biggest gross-out moment for you? What do you think of Red’s insane plan? How about his underhanded methods? Or his killing that lawyer? What will he get up to next? Is there still hope for Laurel and Gareth? Sound off on this and (Michael) more down below, and see you next week!