Killjoys “Full Metal Monk” Review (Season 2 Episode 8)

Dutch and Johnny - Killjoys

I said that last week’s episode of Killjoys was about setting the table, but now I feel like it would be more accurate to call it the deep breath someone takes before that let out a whole mess of explanation in one sustained burst. “Full Metal Monk” is a busy episode for the show, one that introduces a slew of new details and reveals about the ongoing storylines. It never feels overstuffed, though, instead serving as an adrenalized start to the second season’s endgame.

Following Johnny’s capture last week, the team surprisingly stayed split, with Dutch letting Pawter be the one to bail him out. She had a justifiable reason for doing so – Pawter could use her royal connections to get Johnny an actual pardon – but it was also clear that the deceit cut deep, a betrayal of Dutch’s trust in her partner that, if not irreparable, wasn’t something she was in the right state of mind to deal with. Dutch has been dealing with a lot lately, with last week’s discovery leaving her a bit shaken.

She’s thrown even more off her game by the end of this week’s episode, learning that Aneela may in fact be Khylen’s daughter. She and D’avin also learn that the Level 6 experiments go back even further than they originally thought, and discover possible ties to the Company’s wall around Old Town. And on top of all that, she’s still unsure if she possibly is Aneela, a fact not helped by the curses thrown her way by the centuries-old monk right up until she mercy-kills him. It’s a rough week for Dutch, and things don’t look to be getting any easier moving forward.

Of course, Johnny’s not in a much better position, though he at least got to have some fun and lighter moments before things went dark. It’s always good to see Johnny and Pawter together, given Aaron Ashmore and Sarah Power’s fantastic chemistry, and this episode gives them plenty of great moments, particularly all of the scenes in Pawter’s old clinic. Their even entertaining while “high” early on, though it’s immediately obvious that something’s off.

This leads to Jelco, who reestablished himself as a major threat by revealing the true, pacifying effect of the wall, killing Arune, and effortlessly framing Johnny and Pawter for the crime. In one scene, he cemented his place as the show’s slimiest character, and we’ll hopefully see his comeuppance before the season’s end.

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