Dark Matter “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill” Review (Season 2, Episode 8)

Stuff To Steal, People To Kill

The Raza crew learned in last night’s episode of Dark Matter just what happened after using the newly acquired blink drive that was supposed to make space travel instantaneous: it didn’t work quite as they thought.

Turned out they only traveled a little over a mile but that was enough to put them in the one place they didn’t except. They ended up in a parallel reality where their counterparts were even worse than who they were before they went into stasis – and that is really saying something.

That wasn’t the only complication they encountered. Let’s take a look at the other issues:

• The alternate Two and Three were involved with each other – ewww!!! – and, I guess not surprisingly, Three was also involved with Tash – the only woman from that other mercenary crew that the Raza crew was forced to work with last season;
• The alternate Six was still an undercover government offices, but he was discovered on the alternate Raza and ruthlessly shot down by Alternate Two;
• There was not alternate Five on board that Raza, which [for a lack of a better term] “Our” Six believed made some of the differences between the counterparts; her absence in that parallel reality really did make a difference;
• The alternate One was very much alive and, if it is even conceivable, seemed to be more ruthless than “Our” One – or to be exact the real Jace Corso, who “Our” One had been pretending to be; and,
• Commander Truffault wasn’t exactly in alliance with the Alternate Raza crew – in fact they were at war – but “Our” Two was able to get the better of her, gaining the blink drive from that reality in order to help them return to their own reality.

The only problem with that last issue was that they seemed to bring a stowaway back with them, as a ship launched from “Our” Raza and jumped into FTL (the way they travel from place to place in the universe of ‘Dark Matter’.) Who could possibly be on that ship? The alternate One? Tash or Wexler (the other guy from the mercenary crew from last season? Or someone else?

The one good thing (so to speak) that come out of this whole experience was learning that the Android in both realities still functioned very much the same, supporting its people and ship regardless of which version was on board or not.

However, there is a bigger problem at hand now because of the ongoing question of what is wrong with “Our” Two? She experienced issues during her fight with Tash such as blurry vision and that same problem with her hand. What exactly is going on with her? We got a small insight thanks to the clips for next week – that her nanites are shutting down – but can they be fixed and if no, then what?

Lastly, Nyx was retrieved from that space station, but Devon neither showed up to meet her nor did he respond to any of their calls. The Raza crew obviously has no idea what really happened to him – with only Five showing any real concern for him – but what will happen when they learn the truth; and will they learn the truth?

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The next new episode of the second season of ‘Dark Matter’ will air on Syfy on Friday, August 26 at 10/9c.