‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 7): Who Is A.D.?

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For most of the seasons for which Pretty Little Liars has been on the air, the liars had been attempting to figure out who “A” was; the tormentor who put them through hell for several years in high school [which was actually six seasons on TV for us viewers].

Throughout all those seasons, there were a lot of suspects, a lot of finger pointing by the liars and a lot of assumptions on the part of the liars as well as the long-suffering viewers.

At the end of season six, it was finally revealed that CeCe Drake (aka Charles DiLaurentis aka Charlotte DiLaurentis) was “A”. Just a couple of her crimes against the liars – that not only included Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer as well as cousin Alison and former collaborator Mona – were locking them in an underground dollhouse where she tortured them mentally and physically; drugging and covering them in blood, making them think they hurt one another and drugging and stripping them naked, leaving them inside a morgue. That is just a small portion of the heinous crimes this extremely depraved woman put the liars through.

Now, the torture and mayhem is happening again – but this time around the crimes are being perpetrated by someone calling themselves A.D. For part of this season the liars – specifically Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer – were convinced that A.D. was either Alison or her new husband Dr. Elliott Rollins. As usual, much like all the other plentiful fake leads on who “A” was, the liars eventually realized that Alison wasn’t involved nor was she A.D.; but her husband – who was revealed to actually have been involved with the late Charlotte (aka CeCe) – was really named Archer Dunhill. Did that make A.D.? It sure seemed obvious, but in the world of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ obvious is not always the truth.

If you ask Hanna, though, she is positive that former classmate Noel Kahn is not only A.D. but he is also the second illegitimate child of Mary Drake, the identical twin sister of the late Jessica DiLaurentis, and sibling to Charlotte. Is Hanna right in her assumption or is she on the completely wrong track, and heading for even bigger trouble given whatever she is planning to do in that sealed up room in New York City as seen in the final scene of last night’s episode?

Who do you think is A.D. and what is their ultimate motive behind harassing, torturing and terrorizing the liars? What have these girls done to really deserve any of this treatment? Sure they are not perfect – no one is. Sure they have done mean girl “things” to people in the past – haven’t we all done stupid things in high school? But have they done anything that warrants all the horrible incidents that have taken place in their lives while in Rosewood? I don’t think so! But what do you have to say about it all?

Please share your thoughts on who A.D. could be and why they are going after the liars in our comments section below.

And remember the next new episode of seventh and final season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will air on Freeform on Tuesday, August 23 at 8/7c.