Guilt “The Crown v Atwood” Review (Season 1, Episode 9)


The first part of the two-part season finale of the new Freeform drama Guilt aired last night with the “trial of a century” getting underway. In the world of this show that trial is the British murder trial of Grace Atwood, the young American girl who supposedly murdered Molly Ryan, her Irish best friend and roommate in a drug-induced rage. But did Grace actually kill Molly? That has been the question since the pilot episode, which aired back in June.

Ever since that debut episode aired, though, that has been a valid question because it has felt as if – in nearly every episode – that Grace could have killed Molly; she’s shown only the minimal amount of grief over her friend’s death and many of her actions have been, quite frankly, bizarre. Is she a sociopath or just a cold-blooded killer? Or, is she a very complicated girl who really did block out her best friend being murdered by someone else?

Needless to say, viewers of the show will find out next week “whodunit,” but will the answer be a twist to the entire story that no one saw coming, will it turn out to be Grace or has the killer being staring us right in the face all along?

But let’s get back to the trial…shall we!

Both sides of the case presented their opening statements, citing their views based on the evidence they planned to present. The main witness for the defense was now-disgrace former Scotland Yard Detective Bruno, who was all but ready to put crowned Prince Theo in the hot seat only to back pedal when it was his turned to testify. Why?! It would seem that Grace’s older sister Natalie was being threatened and given what happened to defense witness Neville – he supposedly committed suicide in his room at the mental institution – Bruno couldn’t take a chance with her life. Should we guess who threatened Natalie?

If you ask Molly’s brother Patrick, he has been convinced that Prince Theo was behind his little sister’s death and he has every intention of getting even. He wanted that vengeance so much that he has used his current girlfriend Kaley – who has been Theo’s present paramour via the sex club that has played an important role in the entire storyline – in order to take down the prince. But will he?

And let’s not forget that former Detective Bruno and Natalie finally found the missing woman who was in that picture, that been featured throughout the show, alongside the late Molly Ryan; the woman who was a client of that sex club. Could who killed her be the same person who killed Molly?

Do you think Grace knows more about Molly’s murder than she has ever attempted to anyone including herself? Do you think that prison guard is setting Grace up for a big fall? She did bribe him with her sizeable trust fund in order to get out of prison? If it wasn’t Grace who killed Molly, who did it? Do you think that Patrick will be able to settle the score with Prince Theo or will he be caught before he can pull the trigger? Please share your thoughts on the penultimate episode of the debut season of the show below.

The second part of the show’s season finale of ‘Guilt’ will air on FreeForm on Monday, June 22 at 9/8c.