Outcast “This Little Light” Review (Season 1 Episode 10)

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On the gripping season finale of “Outcast,” Kyle and the Reverend Anderson rushed to rescue Amber and Holly from the latest possessed person in town, while Sydney and his crew scrambled to do some damage control on their end, in “This Little Light.” But who would come out on top in the end, if anyone? (Spoilers ahead, perhaps needless to say.)

We picked up right where we left off, more or less, albeit back-tracking just a little bit, as we saw Amber and Holly going downstairs for a midnight snack, only to sneak upstairs to discover Megan looking worse for wear, with blood all over her hands and a dead Mark on the ground.

Screaming in terror, the girls fled to the confines of Holly’s bedroom, where they hid in the closet. Thankfully, Megan, who was still a bit wonky from her recent possession, wasn’t too interested in the girls and instead wandered off into the night alone, just as Kyle and Anderson arrived.

The two men break in to find the place in shambles and Mark very much dead, but the kids relatively okay and still hiding in the closet. Amber fills them in on what happened, telling Kyle it was just like what happened to her mother, and they take the girls to the Chief’s house, letting him know what was going down.

Though a bit disbelieving, he allows the kids to stay there in the meantime, while he goes to check things out. Naturally, Kyle and Anderson want to cover it up, knowing that, if word gets out, even if they find Megan and rid her of her demon, if people know she was the one who killed Mark, it will ruin both her and her child’s life- not that it hasn’t already been ruined, at least to some extent.

Meanwhile, Sydney comes home to find Aaron in his place again, complaining that the Reverend is still not completely out of the picture and they need to step up their game. Sydney is unamused, but when Aaron threatens to tell everyone that it really was Sydney who cut up the Reverend, he backs down for now, though you can tell he isn’t too keen at this point to get Aaron involved in anything that’s coming, which he seems to know more than he should about.

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Megan, after wandering out on the football field of the local high school and freaking out when the sprinklers came on, finds her way into town, where she finds some discarded food outside a burger joint and eats it off the ground, much to the disgust of an employee who comes outside to find her when he’s taking out the trash.

After Megan approaches him and looks at him strangely, then acts as if she’s going to seduce him (he should be so lucky!)- the appearance of a car’s headlights startles her and she runs off again. The young man seemingly reports what happened, which Anderson and Kyle overhear on the police radio the Chief gave them.

However, when they get there, it’s not Megan, but another freaked out woman, likely on some kind of drugs…or is she possessed as well? Relieved, they continue the search for Megan, as the Chief arrives at her house and takes in the mess he has to contend with, calling in someone for help, in terms of damage control.

Anderson mentions that when people are first possessed, they are afraid and tend to seek out a safe place to hide until they “adjust,” often looking for comfort and familiarity. This gives Kyle an idea of where Megan might go, so he heads back to his house. Unfortunately, Sydney is already there, and hears a ruckus next door at Kyle’s, and goes to investigate.

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Sure enough, it’s Megan, so Sydney calls Kat and Ogden for help and they come over to pick her up, while Sydney follows in his car, leaving an ominous message behind for Kyle. As we later discover, it’s because he’s sent Aaron to the Chief’s house, after his wife calls Kat wondering if she has any idea what’s going on in town, mentioning that she has Amber and Holly.

Aaron shows up at the Chief’s house and breaks the chain lock, coming in and absconding with Amber, which does not sit well with the Chief, needless to say. He calls Anderson to tell him what’s going on, just as he and Kyle arrive at his house to find the mess Megan left behind, along with the note from Sydney, saying that he has Amber and that, if Kyle knows what’s good for him- or her- he’ll meet him at a specific location, alone.

Anderson is dubious, but Kyle insists that he stay behind, for the safety of his daughter. Luckily for him, given what happens later, Anderson doesn’t listen to Kyle and instead follows him to the meet place, where Sydney demands Kyle put on a hood and get into his trunk, promising he’ll take him to Amber and explain everything when they get there. Kyle does as told and they head out, with Anderson in tow, unbeknownst to either of them.

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Back at the abandoned store with all the mannequins on the outskirts of town, Kat and Ogden are continuing to help the newly-possessed to the best of their abilities, though it’s starting to look like they’re getting a bit overwhelmed. In addition to a new recruit that has gouged out one of her eyes, there’s also Megan, who is struggling with what’s happened to her as well.

But that’s not all, as we pan back to see a host of the possessed scattered all over the place. Sydney arrives and takes Kyle to the back of the store and locks him in a room with Amber, who’s also there. Sydney tells Kyle that there’s more and more of them, as in the possessed, arriving everyday, and that their numbers are swelling considerably.

Sydney doesn’t say exactly where “they” are from, but he infers that Kyle is from the same place and that it’s why the possessed have always been drawn to him. Sydney says that where they are from is no longer safe or inhabitable, and that’s why they have come here. He tells Kyle that they need him, but won’t say why, but that he’s going to keep him and Amber here until the time comes, so that they can keep an eye on Kyle and keep him in line.

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Sydney leaves, as we see Anderson lurking outside, noticing that Kyle didn’t come out with him. Rather than following Sydney again, Anderson grabs a crowbar from his trunk and breaks into the store, where he finds Kat and confronts her. He yells out for Kyle, who yells out in return, and Anderson goes to the room where Kyle’s being held and starts to try and pry open the lock and break through the door with the crowbar.

Ogden hears the commotion and jumps the Reverend and the two scuffle, with an assist from Kat. Anderson has done just enough damage to the door to help Kyle break through it from the inside, which he does, and is able to rescue Anderson. However, Kat frees the crazed woman from earlier with one eye and she attacks Kyle, almost immediately trying to suck out his life force or whatever.

The Reverend knocks out Kat and Ogden alike and rushes to Kyle to help get the woman off of him. He does and Kyle does his thing, managing to exorcise the woman without killing her, but the ruckus gets Megan’s attention and she heads to the room where Kyle was being held and finds Amber hiding there. Freaking out, Amber calls for her father and he rushes to her aid.

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Megan calls Kyle “outcast” and attacks him, but shockingly, it’s Amber that comes to her father’s defense, not Anderson, as she jumps on Megan’s back and tells her to leave Kyle alone. Astonishingly, she pulls a Kyle and manages to exorcise the demon from Megan herself, by laying hands on her. (This might also explain why Megan steered clear of Amber back at the house, when she found her and Holly in the closet.)

Kyle and Anderson take Megan back to the station, where she starts to recover her senses, but can’t remember what happened. Though he had planned to keep what she did from her initially, Kyle relents and tells her that Mark is dead, and that it was she who did it, while in the throes of her possession, which goes over just as well as one might expect it to.

Anderson leaves and goes back to Kyle’s, where he heads next door to where Sydney has been staying and blockades the door. He then pours gasoline all over the place and lights the trailer up, seeing a figure arise in the darkness as it goes up in flames. But is it Sydney, or is it actually Aaron?

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Sure enough, the next day, Anderson gets his answer, when he sees Sydney drive by in his car, while talking to Patricia, who accepts his apology for being somewhat abusive with Aaron, her son. However, Aaron has gone missing and never came home last night, which is why she’s headed to the police station to file a missing persons report. How much you want to bet that was him in the trailer? Oops. I don’t see a rosy future for these two, if Patricia finds out what he did.

In the final scene, we see Kyle and Amber, clearly about to leave town for a spell. As he gasses up the car, Kyle tells Amber that they will find a new place to live, away from all this madness, then, once they’re settled, they’ll send for Megan and Holly and Amber’s mother. They also talk about their mutual “superpower,” which Amber isn’t too impressed by: “I’d rather be able to fly,” says she, understandably.

Kyle tells her he wants to go somewhere that no one knows about their “superpower,” which seems like a good idea, though, given the proliferation of the possessed as of late, is there one? As if to answer the question, we see an inordinate amount of people at the gas station just plain staring down Kyle and Amber, and it’s clear that every single one of them is possessed.

As the scene fades out, the possessed look menacingly at them, as Amber clutches to her daddy, and they look unsure of what to do. What can they do, save make a run for it? I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out, because that’s where we leave things for now.

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Thankfully, we at least know that there will be another season. It would certainly suck if we had to leave things that way for good. Although, I suppose I could always get a hold of the comics to find out how it ends that way, but what fun would that be? Besides, I’ve heard that the show has been doing things somewhat differently as it is, so it might not end the same, anyway.

So, this was an excellent finale, in which things didn’t necessarily go the way I thought they would. For one thing, I thought for sure there would be a big cliffhanger and that we wouldn’t find out Megan’s ultimate fate until next season at best. I didn’t necessarily think she’d kill the kids- though you never know with this show- but I did figure she’d go on the run and not be found just yet.

Instead, she was found, but by all the wrong people. Fortunately, thanks to the Reverend, things came to a head sooner than later, and we left the show on a high note of sorts, with Megan de-possessed and back to her old self, and at the hands of Amber, no less, which I certainly didn’t see coming.

Granted, Megan still has to deal with the fact that she killed her own husband, but at least she didn’t harm her daughter. But she does have a baby on the way, and with Kyle gone from town- probably- she’s going to have to go it alone now, and lest we forget, Donnie is still out there. It would have been nice if her demon helped take care of that loser instead of Mark, but oh well. Those pesky demons never do what you want them to, I swear.

As for the demons- if they are, in fact, even demons- we got a little more about them in this episode, which I will be tackling separately in an article next week, so look for that by next Friday. In the meantime, we got a few juicy details that only served to raise more questions than they answered. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens with that until next season as well.

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Until then, be sure and let me know what you thought of “Outcast” down below and the season overall, and look for a follow-up article next week!