Killjoys “Heart-Shaped Box” Review (Season 2 Episode 7)

Dutch and Johnny - Killjoys

This week’s episode of Killjoys was a solid entry for the series, if not the most thrilling episode the show has ever produced. Now, that’s not entirely a bad thing; given how this season has been a constant stream of high-energy episodes, it’s good for the show to slow down and focus on a bit of table-setting for the rest of the season. Still, though “Heart-Shaped Box” offers some fun moments, it’s definitely a middle-of-the-season episode that hurts from the overabundance of exposition.

I will say, with the benefit of hindsight, I can see how last week’s ending works as a reveal that Sabine was a Level 6 operative; all the pieces were certainly there. However, given how ill-defined the goo has been up to this point, I don’t think it was immediately apparent just from the scene, particularly with how tragic things were played. At the very least, it was maybe a bit of a jump for John and D’avin to immediately understand she was Level 6.

That aside, Sabine was a likable presence, someone who inspired sympathy and brought a good bit of conflict between D’avin and Dutch. Still, with all of the Level 6 exposition she had to spit out, it feels like Sabine got a bit lost in the shuffle, ending up more as a point of contention than a fully fleshed-out person.

However, the conflict Sabine offered some good material for the crew to deal with. For D’avin, it makes sense given his own history that he would take any chance to help someone who’s been made a pawn. Dutch, meanwhile, is understandably distrustful of anything related to Khylen and the Level 6 agents, and it was good to see the two in an actual disagreement. Both were coming from understandable perspectives, and the solution was as bleak as we’ve come to expect from this universe.

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy seeing John off on his own, investigating the Company. It’s never good to see the team keeping secrets from one another, and Bellus reminds John of the bad that can happen when they do. It’s a warning that proves accurate when John ends up a prisoner of the ever-slimy Jelco by episode’s end. His secret is primed to come out in next week’s adventure as Killjoys moves into the final stretch of the second season.

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