Dark Matter “She’s One of Them Now” Review (Season 2, Episode 7)

Dark Matter - Season 2

Last night’s episode of Dark Matter not only featured the return of a couple of familiar faces – i.e., Talbor Calchek (guest star David Hewlett) but also – albeit very briefly Galactic Authority Inspector Kierken (guest star Kris Holden-Ried) – it also featured Five taking a lead role in a mission. It’s not her first time helping the Raza team out, but this was really her chance to shine.

The team went after “handler” Calchek because they knew he could lead them to Alicia Reynaud, the woman who has been after them because of a mysterious key that Five had in her possession before she snuck aboard the Raza pre-stasis memory wipe of the team.

Unfortunately, the only way to get at Alicia was through clone transit, which is the preferred form of transit in the show’s universe because you can travel anywhere you want to – via a clone – and you don’t have to worry about any consequences. If your clone is hurt or, worse yet, killed – your conscience simply returns to your body and you have no memory of what happened.

The latter occurrence played a big role for Three and Four – who took the clone transit along with Five (they needed her tech-know-how for the mission to even work) – in order to find out why Alicia wanted that mystery key so damn bad. And find out the reason they certainly did. In short the key fits into a special blink drive that will allow inter-planetary travel in the blink of an eye. Quite a tool to have, huh?

Luckily (or not), the clone of Five was able to make it out of Alicia’s compound with the adaptor that would allow this rapid transit; and the Raza crew – specifically with the help of the Android – were able to get away from Alicia’s ship that started firing at them in order to get the adaptor back.

Now all they had to do was test the blink drive and test it they did; but as we saw – something went wrong…there was a horrible squealing sound and the Raza disappeared.

Elsewhere, Nyx learned about Devon’s past: he believed he killed a 12-year old girl on the operating table a number of years ago because of his addiction. Whether it was actually guilt or negligence that caused the girl’s death is unknown; but it was what happened to Devon while he was taking some “R&R” off the Raza that was the most shocking occurrence.

The Seer Group for which Nyx escaped from found Devon, as he attempted to retrieve something (more drugs for his addiction?) from a grungy locker room. One of the members of the Seer Group stabbed him in the stomach, leaving him for dead.

Is Devon really dead or will he be found in the nick of time? What went wrong with the Raza in their test run of the blink drive? What will the Seer Group do next in their efforts to get Nyx back? What will Alicia devise next to get the blink drive back from them? What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Please share your comments below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Dark Matter’ will air on Syfy on Friday, August 19 at 10/9c.