Beauty and The Beast “Means to an End” Review (Season 4 Episode 10)

BB Means to and End

Cat is drinking tea. It’s strange and can really only mean two things, she really is trying to keep the inner peace while Vincent is silent or she’s pregnant. Or both!

DHS raids Graydal but didn’t find Vincent, leaving Cat and JT to wonder where he is. We see where Vincent is though; he’s behind a secret wall of concrete at Graydal. Graydal is holding him for their buyer who wants to know what kind of beast Vincent is before they buy him. Weirdly, Braxton completes his testing on Vincent and then let him. They plan to expose Vincent with a tape showing him beasting out unless Vincent steals evidence from Tess’ precinct.

Cat gets into the precinct and does the job, scooping up the evidence quick while bumping into Tess. When Cat checks out the evidence on her way to deliver it to Vincent, she realizes that it was evidence from the last case she worked with Tess. If the evidence goes missing, the purp gets to walk and not do time. It looks like Graydal and their thugs are making Vincent do all of their dirty work.

Agent Dylan from DHS pays Tess a visit, showing her photos of Vincent giving the purp the evidence. Dylan wants to know what the connection between Vincent and the purp are while Tess is steaming that Cat stole the evidence right underneath her nose. The former partners talk. Wow, I never thought Tess would be such a chilly obstacle! She does agree to give Cat time to hand her some bad guys, letting her walk.

Braxton sends the next order down to Vincent – he must blow up DHS! After some back and forth about what he could possibly do to get out of this rock and a hard place, cat and Vincent decide to turn the tables on Braxton by bringing DHS to them. While all of this is going down, Heather and JT pretend to be a married couple, entering Graydal. Does anyone else feel like these two would make a better fit than Tess and JT?

Of course, something has to go wrong. The two are held at gunpoint, but Cat saves the day when she shows up. Later, we see Tess show Vincent and Cat the body of Braxton in the morgue. The gang may have gotten out of this one, but there is more to come when they learn that there is another beast out there somewhere!