Animal Kingdom Season 1 Review

Animal Kingdom season 1

Every TV character evolves on their journey. That’s part of a successful storyline, but who would have guessed just how much J from Animal Kingdom would change from the show’s pilot. He went from a naïve, timid teen to a smart, manipulative member of Smurf’s crew who knows how to play the game and them. But did his character pull a completely insane 180 in the season finale?

At the end of the finale it looked so as he stood in the house massaging the new guy Smurf gave him while looking out at the pool at his ex-girlfriend, Nicky, and Craig. Prior to the eery ending of the show’s freshman season, we saw J dealing with the two agents who were waiting for him to text them as soon as the crew gets their money. They get him on his way to school, threatening him that he better give up the information as soon as he knows. It seems like an impossible situation for him. He can turn Smurf and the guys in and they will hunt him down or he can keep his newfound dysfunctional family by keeping his mouth shut.

The rest of the family is also facing their own dilemmas and issues. Baz is literally going crazy over where Catherine could be. He’s searching everywhere and questioning everyone. He has no idea that Pope has killed her and that Smurf is keeping it all from him for her own benefit.

Animal Kingdom season 1 4

It’s clear that Pope feels bad, letting Baz beat his former jail friend into a bloody pulp and then offering to get rid of the body. Baz thinks he was the one that killed Catherine. While all of this is going down, Craig and Deran spend their time getting high, playing video games before they finally locate the trailer with the money.

Animal Kingdom season 1 3

The two go through hell in the back of the trailer truck that unexpectedly hits the road. The writers did a great job of making it realistic. They end up getting the money. J keeps his promise, texting the agents that its time. He also gives Smurf a heads up that he has been dealing with 2 agents. They all move fast to hide the money, making the sting a major disappointment. In a twist, J reminds the female agent of who his mother was, telling her that he wouldn’t turn on Smurf and gang just like her.

Animal Kingdom definitely took some unexpected twists and turns, keeping us on the edge of our seats with so many questions and the curiosity of where this is all going.