Pretty Little Liars “Original G’A’ngsters” Review (Season 7 Episode 7)

PLL 09

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” yet another familiar, but long unseen face came back to Rosewood, while the girls scrambled to figure out what got Sara Harvey killed and discovered a host of heretofore unknown clues as to who A.D. might be, in the wryly-titled “Original Gangsters.”

As with last week, this was more of a transitional episode than anything, which only really got good towards the end, so what’s say we bullet point this sucker and cut to the chase? The facts as we know them…

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A.D. note #1: Delivered to the girls via a message written on their check after a drinking get-together at the Radley: “Roses are red, violets are blue, you killed Elliott and I COULD HAVE killed you.” One assumes this was directed at Ali, as A.D. tried to kill her, after all, but as it was delivered to the girls as a whole, it would seem to indicate that A.D. knows that Elliott is dead and that the girls are responsible.

Clearly, A.D. thinks Ali was the culprit, but we know better, as it was actually Hanna who did the deed. From the camera footage of the girls digging up Elliott, obviously someone- if not A.D.- knows, at the very least, that Hanna and Spencer knew about it as well.


Flashback #1: We saw what caused the secondary falling out between Toby and Jenna, which was, as many predicted, myself included, that Jenna made a pass at Toby and he rejected her advances and stormed off. We all know Jenna has many issues, but apparently, not being able to quit Toblerone is one of them.

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Return of a familiar face: the long-absent Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) came back from Ethiopia (!), where he was apparently helping kids (!!) on behalf of a non-profit organization started by the by-now infamous Carissimi Group. Jason came bearing paperwork making him Ali’s new legal caregiver, and promptly gave Mary her walking papers.

Mary was understanding, but Ali not so much, who insisted Jason give Mary a chance, despite her involvement in stealing from both Ali and him, as Elliott had also taken all the money from the Carissimi Group as well, leaving them both high and dry. We also got a thinly-veiled allusion to the fact that he and Aria hooked up at some point in the last few years!

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Oh, that Noel: The girls discovered a lock box in Jenna’s room, which Caleb help steal the key to- by posing as her masseur! It contained a folder with various mysterious files, including a coded message, a DNA test involving Mary Drake and other stuff, which they took photos of and took back to Caleb to decipher.

While there, Noel came in and deposited Mary Drake’s files, which he had stolen from Toby, and had beaten down Yvonne to get, landing her in the hospital, much to Spencer’s horror, as it had been her who got him involved in the first place. Toby admitted that he had initially intended the house he was building for him and Spencer until they broke up, at which he stopped until Yvonne came into his life.

The Noel experience only cemented Toby and Yvonne’s relationship, leading him to take Spencer’s advice to leave town soon and get away from all this Rosewood craziness, which all the girls should do as well, TBH. Noel also called a female doctor by the name of Dr. Cochran while in the room, telling her receptionist that he was “running out of time and patience.”

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A big nope to the planned elope: Ezra, overwhelmed at the thought of wedding planning, suggested he and Aria go to Tuscany to elope, which Aria balked at, at first, but later agreed to. Alas, before they could leave, the FBI showed up at Ezra’s door to inform him that Nicole might still be alive after all.


Flashback #2: In an answer to a puzzle I never thought we’d get, we found out that the person we heard shuffling around in Jason’s aunt Carol’s house the time he went over there and talked to his mom and she informed him that it was “just the wind” was actually none other than Mary Drake.

Mary and Jessica fought about Charles’ “death”- which hadn’t happened yet at the time- and Jessica informed Mary that, although she might have been Charles’ birth mother, it was Jessica who raised her and therefore, it was none of her business. All she would say was that it wasn’t Mary’s fault, without giving her any details beyond that, at which point she went down into the cellar and locked herself in until Mary left.

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The Most Beautiful Phrase in the English Language: This information got Aria’s attention and she wanted to go and check out what was behind the cellar door at Carol’s place, which was a place they never checked out before. However, Emily nixed it and told Aria to go for the eloping thing, while she and the rest of the girls went and checked it out instead.

There, they found what proved to be Jessica’s lair, which was filled to the brim with files on the girls- with the notable exception of Aria- as well as a whole filing drawer’s worth on Mary. In one of the files, the girls discovered that Mary had a second, unnamed child, which could be a boy or a girl. Gotta be Jason, right? He was in those home movies, after all. But who was the father of Charlotte and the other child?

We also found out that Mary was subjected to electro-shock therapy at the behest of her own sister, and that Jessica had realized Ali was still alive and had been actively looking for her all this time. She had also been aware of all that was going on her wake, keeping news clippings about Garrett, Wilden, Bethany and any other related stories of interest remotely involved with her daughter’s case.

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A.D. Note #2: After the alarm went off in the car the girls were in, they ran outside and got into it, only to be remotely locked inside the car as a countdown came on the console screen. When it reached the end, nothing happened at first, until another message from A.D. arrived, on the same screen: “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, YOU DIE.”

Just then, the cellar explodes, thus destroying any evidence the girls might have found. Should have grabbed some stuff, ladies! Someone- presumably A.D.- also writes “I See You” on the back of the car’s windshield, as the girls freak out.


A-pilogue: Someone enters a room filled with boxes of Charlotte’s stuff, holding Aria and Noel’s files. The gloved figure holds onto Aria’s files, but the person in question also pours Irish Whiskey on Noel’s files and prepares to torch them. Clearly, they want us to think it was Noel who did it, but I’m thinking that’s too obvious.

Whoever it is, though, is almost certainly working with Noel and did so to help cover one of his partner’s tracks. Could it be Jenna, who is faking being blind again? Or possibly Mona? Mary? Possibly even one of the girls’ parents? Byron would be an obvious one to want to cover up his daughter’s involvement as well.


So, there you have it. Some juicy stuff at the end there, but mostly it was just set-up. Let me know if you have any crazy theories about what’s going on and sound off down below. See you next week!