The Fosters “Highs & Lows” Review (Season 4, Episode 7)


Last night’s episode of The Fosters was filled with highs and lows just like the title of the episode; but even the highs were bad.

If you didn’t know already, this is a family drama that is filled with plenty of soap opera-like stories. It’s hard not to have these types of stories when you’ve got a cast that consists of more teens than adults, but even the adults have twisty storylines that it can be hard to keep pace.

The episode started off with AJ and Callie having sex at Mike’s house, which I’m sure was a high for them – but given the fact that Mike and Brandon showed up post-coital, well, that was awkward even if AJ and Callie felt like they got out of his room unscathed. It was awkward regardless; and surprisingly Mike told AJ that he’s not comfortable with him and Callie being intimate in his home. Will that lead them to finding another location – most likely?

Another high from the episode: Jude – of all people. As we saw last week, Jude’s new, sort of, boyfriend Noah shared his pot-laced gummy worms with Jude; and Jude hasn’t really given them up. In fact, he “hit up” a girl at school who obviously sells pot to replenish his supply. ARGH!! I’ve personally never been supportive of taking drugs – recreational or otherwise – and this type of storyline just irritates and annoys me to no end. I won’t be getting on my soapbox, but I certainly hope that the writers get Jude off this path, as he is too smart of a kid to be this dumb.

Moving on…

Brandon is finally – maybe?! – realizing that he has bitten off more than he can chew from living with Cortney and her young son Mason, trying to practice for Julliard, struggling to pay their pays and surviving his senior year. Here is what I have to say about his current situation: wake up, young man!!

Then there are the twins: Mariana and Jesus. Mariana is spinning out of control over the STEAM team’s upcoming robot competition so much so that she decided to sample her brother’s ADHD prescription. What is it with these kids that they think they can take medication (prescription or otherwise – that is not even theirs) – and get away without ramifications? Again, wake up!!

As for Jesus, he was trying to cover for his biological dad Gabe, who was hired by the moms to remodel the family’s garage. He hurt himself with a nail gun, thinking that he only bumped his head, but in truth, he inadvertently lodged a nail in his head. What have I been saying throughout this review? Wake up!! Jesus may have thought he could do the work, but he is not experienced enough in construction to do this work; and that accident is blatant proof. He was very lucky that his accident didn’t have worse complications.

And then there is the whole issue with the family potentially losing their home because of Lena’s dad. At least the moms sat the family down to tell them the truth; but how they think moving into an apartment or renting another house is going to solve the problems that Lena’s dad created is going to rectify anything – well, I just don’t see it.

There is no way any of these storyline are going to end well especially the final scene of Callie basically harassing that guy at the car wash. He is the presumed witness for Callie’s former foster brother Kyle; but there is something far more sinister going on given the phone call that guy made. I think Callie is really getting herself in over her head this time.

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