Outcast “Close to Home” Review (Season 1 Episode 9)

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On the latest episode of “Outcast,” the stage was set for one hell of a finale, as Kyle searched for Alison, the Reverend tried to reclaim his position at the church, Ogden and Kat seemingly prepared to leave town, and Mark and Megan got some surprising news, as well as hit a decidedly unexpected snag, in the aptly-titled “Close to Home.” Just so you know- we’re going to get into spoiler territory here, so make sure you’ve seen the episode before you continue!

We began with a subtle foreshadowing of unpleasant things to come, as Megan revisited her breaking glass obsession, but this time directed the violence towards herself, cutting her hand with a broken piece of glass, as she mulled over the whole nasty business with Donnie.

Meanwhile, Ogden was clearly given his walking papers by the Chief, as he and Kat prepared to leave town, packing their stuff up into a U-haul and getting the show on the road. Ogden warns him that, with what’s coming soon, it was Kyle and Anderson he should have told to leave town, and that he could have protected the Chief from it, while they had no chance of stopping it.

Patricia asked the Reverend to move in with her, telling him to stay strong and get it together. To that end, he went back to the church to intervene with a meeting to decide on his replacement and make a case for himself. Unfortunately, when he arrived, he saw Sydney there and flipped out on him, beating him up, thus sealing his fate.

When Sydney opts to press charges, the Chief ultimately lets him go, asking why he did it when he knew it was going to ensure he lost his job for good. Replies the Reverend, without missing a beat: “It’s not everyday you get to punch the devil in the face.” Lol. Sounds reasonable to me- but to the deciding committee, not so much.

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Kyle drops Amber off at school, after getting Megan to pull some strings to get her enrolled on the fly. He promises to tell her the truth about everything going forward, if she behaves and at least tries to make friends, and goes off to look for Alison, with a little help from Mark, who is packing up his stuff at work after his suspension.

The two break into Ali’s house to look for clues to her whereabouts. They don’t find anything, and Mark leaves, when he gets word that Megan left school early because she got sick. However, as Kyle packs up some of Amber’s things, he finds her drawings of the demon leaving her mother’s mouth scrawled on the back of her closet.

Hearing a noise, he goes to investigate and runs into Ali’s mother. She knows just enough about what’s going on to know that something is way off with her daughter, and says she just wants her daughter back as she remembers her. Kyle says he’ll do what he can if she tells him where she is, so she does, which turns out to be a mental hospital.

Though they resist letting him visit at first, they give him a few minutes under the circumstances, when he explains the situation. Alas, Alison isn’t willing to leave with him, even after he tells her about some of what’s going on and says it wasn’t her fault, pointing out that it happened with his mother as well. He says he can fight the demons off, but Alison isn’t convinced, telling him to go and make sure to look after Amber.

Sydney intercepts Kat at a gas station bathroom and tells her he has another job for her and that she can’t leave town just yet. Kat and Ogden go to a abandoned store in town filled with creepy mannequins and set up shop there, with the intention being to do what they did for newly-possessed people in the trailer there, which is to say, help with their transitions. Ogden is dubious, worried that the Chief will interfere, or worse, Kyle and Anderson, but Kat reassures him- sexually- and he’s back on-board again.

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Mark gets home to discover that Megan isn’t just sick- she’s pregnant. She wants to abort, but Mark talks her out of it, saying that he already had a job lined up with a security firm in town and they can handle it after all. She agrees to go through with it, despite the iffy timing. This revelation will color the particularly nasty turn the show takes in the end, to be sure- and not in a good way.

The Reverend hunts down Sydney and is contemplating how to handle him when, much to his surprise, Aaron arrives. He lays back and opts to back off for now, returning to Patricia’s. When Aaron gets home, Anderson confronts him and gets a little too aggressive, resulting in Patricia booting him out. It turns out that both she and Aaron were victims of abuse at the hands of Aaron’s father and she doesn’t take too kindly to that approach.

Aaron goes outside and gloats to Anderson, telling him that he played him, knowing that his mom would take his side, in light of their shared abuse. He also passes along a message from Sydney: “You’re too late to stop it.” Anderson rushes over to Kyle’s and admits that his approach had failed and he shouldn’t have admonished Kyle. He says that he was jealous of Kyle, which is why he held him back at times, but that the time had come for the two to work together again.

While in the shower, Megan suddenly cries out and stumbles out of the shower a little worse for the wear. Looking into a mirror, she’s shocked to see a stranger there, and it becomes clear that she’s just been possessed.

A frantic Mark comes in to see what’s the matter and she bashes his head into the mirror, breaking it and killing him in the process, when a piece of glass just about the size of the one from earlier lodges in his neck and she pulls it out and he bleeds out on the floor.

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Kyle gets a call from daughter Amber, who is still at Megan’s, telling him that Megan is “sick like mommy was” and that he needs to get there quick. As the episode fades to black, we hear the screaming of children over the phone as Megan comes in the room and sees them, and all hell seemingly breaks loose. Yikes! I did NOT see that coming.

I mean, they’ve been telling us all along that the demons are drawn to Kyle, and that it was because of that they had possessed so many people he cared about, but I certainly didn’t think they’d go there with Megan, least of all just after she announced she was pregnant. Who knows the ramifications of a pregnant woman possessed by a demon? It can’t be good, that’s for sure.

While there wasn’t a lot of forward momentum in the show, least of all for the penultimate episode of the season, they certainly threw down the gauntlet in those last few moments. Obviously, it’s too late for Mark, but hopefully, Kyle and Anderson can get there in time to save Amber and Megan’s daughter from whatever she might do to them- maybe.

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I can’t imagine the show would kill off two kids, least of all after taking out another major character, but you never know. This is a new show, and the rules are still being established, so it really could go either way. Kyle could save one of the girls or both of them, or Megan could kill one or both of them- who can say?

Hopefully, it won’t come to that, especially since, at the very least, Kyle should be able to get the demon out of Megan, and she’s going to have a hard enough time dealing with what she did to her husband as it is. If she hurts her own child, and possibly Kyle’s on top of that…I don’t know if there’s any coming back from that. Just look at what it did to Alison.

Despite the transitional/set-up nature of the episode, this was still another solid one, with one heck of a twist ending that had to have caught most people off-guard, save maybe the comic readers, assuming it happens there as well. Whatever the case, can’t wait to see how it all turns out in the big finale.

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Will Kyle get the demon out of his sister, or will she escape before he can? Will he get there before she hurts the children- or will she think better of doing anything to them, like Sydney did in his flashback, assuming that really happened? How will Megan handle the repercussions of her actions, regardless? How will the townspeople, including the Chief? Tune in next week to find out, and see you then for my look at the big season finale!