Killjoys “I Love Lucy” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

Dutch and Johnny - Killjoys

Killjoys moved into the back half of its second season with another fun adventure for our gang of misfit bounty hunters. The show has been on a hot streak this year, but “I Love Lucy” stood out in as a particularly strong entry thanks to a solid mix of quirky humorous beats and genuine emotional moments for our characters.

Right from the top, it was clear this episode would be of a more light-hearted tone than normal. The opening bounty saw Johnny and D’avin’s sibling bickering filled with a bit more kick to it, and there chasing an explosive ball through the streets of Old Town was the first of several comical images the episode had to offer.

Things hit a new high with the introduction of San Romwell, a broker who deals exclusively in trades. The whole concept – the trading, the three robot guards, the asteroid-built spaceship – was delightful, offering a character that would’ve felt right at home wheeling and dealing with Kirk on the original Star Trek. And even as the episode veered towards more dramatic material, we still got some funny moments, particularly once Lucy shifted into a robot body.

Still, this show knows how to deliver on the dramatic moments, and this episode delivered a lot of high points. From Dutch sharing a tragic part of her backstory to the reveal of just how long Romwell has wandered the stars, this week’s reveals managed to expand our understanding of both the characters and the universe. I particularly liked how the explanation of the green goo pushed the scope of the narrative beyond the Quad; it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole big universe out there beyond the planets the show normally focuses on.

And then there was the ending. The last act featured just a few too many happy moments, and I think there’s an unwritten, but widely accepted rule of storytelling that if all of your main characters manage to get lucky at once, something has to go bad quick. So once the focus finally fell on D’avin and Sabine, it was obvious that something bad was about to happen. Honestly, given Sabine’s recurring appearance so far this season, I half expected her to be planning to betray D’avin. Instead, we learned that the goo inside of him has a deadly effect, leading to the tragic death of another person D’avin cares for. It’s a big moment, and one that will no doubt send D’avin spiraling.

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