Mr. Robot “eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc” Review (Season 2 Episode 5)

Mr. Robot delivered a solid episode this week, one that finally saw the show’s disparate storylines begin to converge in interesting ways. The storytelling also got a bit more focused, with several plotlines left out of this week’s affairs. The result is that, though “eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc” isn’t the most exciting episode the show has ever offered, it remains one of the best.

That’s not to say there was no action whatsoever this time out; the surprise gunfight Dom found herself in was shocking and brutal in the way this show’s violent acts usually are. However, this episode was more focused on conversation, giving the characters a chance to contemplate where they’re all at right now. As such, the show had a chance to deliver a number of great one-on-one scenes between characters.

The highlight here was easily Dom’s conversation with Whiterose, hidden in her guise as Chinese Minister of State Security. Both characters are ones who we’ve yet to learn a whole lot about, so seeing them forge an unlikely connection and share details on their past was fascinating. Admittedly, who knows how much of this is Whiterose playing the agent that’s seeking out the Dark Army, but it felt heartbreakingly genuine when Whiterose was showing Dom her collection of outfits.

Back in New York, Elliot has finally moved back into his role as fsociety’s leader, and his latest plan to hack the FBI is the riskiest yet. Of course, he’s willing to take the risk himself, but he’s not immediately on board with Darlene’s decision to include Angela. This leads to several scenes that go a long way to show that Angela’s old self is still in there. She’s worked hard on her E Corp persona – she’s particularly cold to Darlene early on – but the warmth comes out when she finally reconnects and has a conversation with Elliot.

It’s always good to see Elliot connecting with other people, as it’s the one time he’s able to assert himself over the Mr. Robot personality; one of the few times Mr. Robot shows up this week is when Elliot is refusing to allow Angela to become involved. I don’t think that the first season ever fully sold the connection Elliot and Angela have, but their scene in tonight’s episode made it clear how important they are to each other.

Of course, in order to do any of his fsociety business, Elliot has allowed himself to get wrapped up with Ray, a man who proves far more dangerous than Elliot ever imagined. Falling into the role of major criminal that Elliot accidentally gets involved with, Ray has a lot in common with tripped-out drug dealer Vera from last season. For my money, Ray is the far more interesting character, offering a unique personality as well as having a similar mental issue to Elliot and Mr. Robot. He still serves as a “distraction” of sorts from the main fsociety storyline, but one I’m curious to see play out.

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