The Fosters “Justify” Review (Season 4, Episode 6)


Does the end always justify the means?

That idiom was put to the test in last night’s new episode of The Fosters specifically where Mariana and Lena’s dad are concerned.

Let’s first focus on Lena’s dad. First it seemed – at least to Lena’s mother that her dad was having an affair. He, of course, used an excuse for his recent behavior, telling his daughter that he was working on a video for his wife’s upcoming retirement. Once he was caught in the lie during Lena’s 40th birthday party, he confessed to his wife and daughter that he is in trouble with the IRS.

Trouble is an understatement especially given that Lena’s mom departed for their home immediately after the party and tore through their financial records. She learned, and then shared with Stef, that Lena’s dad is in debt to the IRS over $300,000; he has taken out second and third mortgages on their home, he has doubled down on far too many “get rich quick” schemes and has jeopardized not only his marriage but also the house that the Adams-Foster family has called home for many years.

This is not a good situation and his actions have not justified the means at all! I just have to wonder how he hopes to fix things. And if the ending of the episode is any example, Stef and Lena are considering selling their home. How is that going to help? And, just where do they think they are going to go with 4 kids still in school and Brandon heading off to college?

Now, let’s take a look at Mariana. She has been lying to her moms and her family about Nick. She begged her moms to see him to get some closure on the ordeal he put her (and the family – not to mention the entire Anchor Beach High School) through; but rather than break things off with him, she is – for lack of a better term – stringing him along based on the pretense that he cannot live without her. Grow up, Mariana. Nick is sick and he needs help; and hiding what you are doing, is only going to make things worse.

For once, I have to give Jesus some credit, as he confronted his twin sister about what she is doing, asking her why she is lying to their moms. Good on him for following her to learn the truth. It may have been underhanded, in a way, but how many siblings have done the same thing to another sibling? Let’s just hope that Mariana wakes up and realizes she’s making a monumental mistake before something else really bad happens.

As for some of the other more pressing matters within the episode, what did you think of Lena grilling Brandon about the SAT scam? I think she was totally right to rail on him, but he didn’t really solve the problem, did he? Doesn’t he ever learn? Oh, and how about Jude seemingly continuing to use the pot-laced gummy worms from maybe-boyfriend Noah? This is not going to end well at all? And, when is Callie going to stop being so flighty? She’s like a fish out of water, floundering around for air? Just stand for something and stick to it. I’m actually getting a bit tired of her and Brandon – they want to act like adults, then they need to start being more adult.

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The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘The Fosters’ will air on FreeForm on Monday, August 8 at 8/7c.