If You Are Not Watching Angie Tribeca, Here’s What You Are Missing!

Title - Angie Tribeca

I have previously discussed how this summer I am trying to balance the serious tone of the projects I must accomplish with lighthearted and sometimes silly leisure past times, like comedy TV shows. One of the shows I am really enjoying is Angie Tribeca.

I first got hooked on Angie Tribeca back in January of 2016 when TBS aired a 25 hour marathon of the ten first season episodes. At the time, the second season was supposed to be aired following the first season marathon, but for an unknown reason, TBS changed their minds and did not premier the second season until June 6, 2016. New episodes air on TBS Mondays at 9 pm EDT. The show runs in a 30 minute time slot.

Angie Tribeca is a comedy spoof in the tradition of the short lived TV series Police Squad, which spawned The Naked Gun movies. If you enjoy police procedural shows, then you really need to watch Angie Tribeca as they spoof their way through all the tropes.

Don’t Ever Look Away!

Angie Tribeca sign

Recently my family and I were watching an episode, and my husband looked away from the screen. I had to tell him to look up, or he would have missed one of the funny sight gags that this show is rife with. You absolutely cannot look away for even a second! In fact, you need to not only watch the main characters, but also the background characters, the signs, and in fact anything written! This is not a program to watch while you balance your checkbook! Your reward is, of course, many hearty laughs at what you see!

Creative Character Names

Angie and Sgt. Pepper - Angie Tribeca

The names of the characters are just as important as the action. For instance, the medical examiner’s name is Dr. Scholls! Two recurring characters are Sgt. Pepper, Angie’s former partner and fiancé who was believed dead in the first season, and Joe Perry, who is the Mayor. Then there were episode guest characters named, and these are just a few examples, Wilson Phillips, Dr. Zaius, and Fisher Price.

Good Use of Tropes

Wedding planner - Angie Tribeca

Full disclosure, I love police procedurals. While I can’t watch them all, I do watch many of the current dramas. Angie Tribeca lovingly skewers them by satirizing the tropes we have come to know and love. For example, we have the cranky Lieutenant Pritikin Atkins, who is the squad room boss. Not only is he cranky, he is also very peculiar and sometimes not very bright. Then there is the expected love triangle between three main characters, with a twist that only Angie Tribeca can pull off! You also have undercover operations including one involving multiple weddings that is hysterical!

Officer Hoffman

Officer Hoffman - Angie Tribeca

I was a faithful fan of Person of Interest, and for me one of the best parts of that show was Bear, the dog that John acquired after taking down the Aryan Nationalist who had received Bear as payment on a debt. Keeping that in mind; in what I think is the second best use of a dog on TV, Angie Tribeca of course has a police dog. But, this dog is not your typical police dog. Oh, no, not on this show. His name is Hoffman, he is part of the squad, and his partner is Tanner. He has his own desk, his own cell phone, blows bubble gum bubbles, and drives! Plus, he has excellent skills for taking down bad guys! You go Hoffman!


Jeff Dunham - Angie Tribeca

Angie Tribeca has a wonderful regular cast, and an equally talented list of recurring guests, but in addition to that, they also have amazing cameos by well know actors and other famous people. Just to name a few, and not meaning to slight anyone I do not mention, Jeff Dunham, James Franco, Bill Murray, Keegan-Michael-Key, Joe Jonas, John Hamm, and Gene Simmons have all been guest stars.


Have you been watching Angie Tribeca? What are some of your favorite things about it? Let know what I forgot to mention, because I love hearing other ideas!