Preacher “Call and Response” Review (Season 1 Episode 10)

There was a certain inevitability to the season finale of Preacher. From the beginning, it’s been clear that this adaptation was playing out as a prequel of sorts to the comic, so when things started building to a final confrontation at the church… there was pretty much no other way for “Call and Response” to end. And indeed, this episode set season two up to finally serve as a more direct adaptation of the comics – we basically end where the comic series opens – but the path to that final scene still had a few surprises to offer.

Before the climactic scene in the church, we got some other strong moments as the countdown clock ticked away. For one, we got a few final scenes with Donny and his wife, and man, these two were a pair. Donny’s insistence that he owed Jesse mercy was bizarrely in keeping with the character’s worldview, and his presence will be missed in season two. We also got final moments with Sheriff Root that cemented his regret over how he treated his son, a welcome change to the character from his more outright hateful presence in the comics.

The biggest resolution, though, came in Jesse and Tulip’s relationship, with the two finally dealing with Carlos. I’m torn on the effectiveness of these scenes, I’ll be honest. On the one hand, these scenes contributed a lot of fun moments, part of the episode’s generally fun, grindhouse vibe. On the other, much like the Saint of Killers storyline, there just hasn’t been enough of the Carlos material to get invested in. It serves as a decent enough backstory, but it’s never been compelling, and the introduction of Tulip’s pregnancy feels like an unnecessary complication.

Once things got to the church, though, it was pretty much smooth sailing to the final credits. Okay, the show’s intentionally cheap effects did make me question if we were supposed to take the fake God seriously for a moment, but the entire scene played out wonderfully otherwise. Then, following the reveal that God has gone missing, the show gave us an intensely depressing farewell to Annville, as the now faithless citizens spiraled into violence, mental unrest, and suicide before the explosion of Quincannon Meat & Power wiped the town off the map.

So ends this chapter of Jesse Custer’s story, one that offered plenty of surprising moments for both readers of the comic and new viewers alike. It wasn’t a flawless season, but it does provide a solid launching pad for the search for God to start in earnest next year.

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