‘Dark Matter’ (Season 2): A Shifting Status Quo

A lot of shows undergo creative changes between seasons, so it’s no surprise to see that things have changed a bit between the first and second seasons of Dark Matter. In fact, the first season finale pretty much guaranteed there would be major shake-ups, and that’s what we’ve gotten over the course of these first four episodes. Thing is, though, the majority of these episodes have seen the show in the middle of that transition, making it tricky to judge the success of those changes quite yet.

Still, I’m nothing if not resourceful, so I’ll do my best to take a look at what all has changed for the characters this season. The biggest change, of course, comes in the form of a major character death, with One gunned down in the premiere. It was a shocking development, but arguably an understandable one; I was never against One as a character, but he never quite fit with the rest of the crew. Plus, with the real Jace Corso still out there, the opportunity remains for actor Marc Bendavid to return in the future.

For those still alive, well, it’s been a tricky few weeks. The two-part premiere saw everyone dealing with their new situation, so it was hard to get a read on where their heads were at. This was even trickier in the third episode, with the majority of the crew literally not in their right minds, their pre-mind wipe personalities momentarily restored. Throw in that Six was in stasis and the Android was out of commission, and none of the first three episodes felt indicative of where things would be headed.

However, the fourth episode was the first to refocus, and it was all the better for it, giving us a clear picture of what this season will be about. For the Android, her emerging humanity is set to get a major kick-start from the program she was given. For the rest of the crew, it seems that they’re on the path to reconnecting and becoming a solid team again, with the threat of corporate hunters looming in the background.

And with One no longer on the crew, this season has given us two new crewmates in the form of Nyx and Devon. Nyx made an immediate impression in the premiere, serving as a helpful ally for the crew as they planned and executed the prison break. She continued to pull her weight in the following episodes, and she makes for a solid friend and confidant for Two. Devon, meanwhile, has yet to get much focus, but the ship definitely needs a doctor with all of the action the crew sees.

Ultimately, I keep going back to the fourth episode as a sign that the show is finally settling in to its new status quo well. It was a confident episode that gave everyone something to do while reminding us of the great relationships these characters have; Three’s appreciation of Five shaking him down was possibly my favorite moment of the season so far. I’m hopeful that now that all of the set-up is out of the way, it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.