Killjoys “Meet the Parents” Review (Season 2 Episode 5)

Dutch and Khylen - Killjoys

I’m always a fan of shows that aren’t afraid to split up their characters and send them on separate adventures, so I really enjoyed the opening of last week’s Killjoys. This week, the show took the concept all the way through “Meet the Parents,” giving us two equally entertaining stories that pushed the characters and ongoing plot forward in a big way.

Starting with the family drama on Qresh, it was a rather grim homecoming for Pawter. Pretty much from the word “go,” Pawter’s mother was cold and distant, saying all the right things in an attempt to push Pawter away. Given what we’ve seen of members of the Nine families in the past, this treatment is entirely believable, if unfortunate to see, so it was good to see the episode take things in a different direction. It turns out Pawter’s father was the one that wanted to push Pawter out, seeking to keep her from becoming the sort of person who could successfully navigate political landscape of the Nine.

It’s a humanizing moment for the distant family, but also a bit of a hollow one for Pawter given how much she loses by the end of the hour. Killjoys isn’t afraid to hit its characters with tragedy, but man, losing both parents, a beloved servant, and her sister’s hand? It was a rough day at the Simms estate. In the end, though, Pawter’s now in a position to try and help Old Town; hopefully, her father’s fears won’t come true, and she can stay the Old Town Pawter that John expressed admiration for.

Meanwhile, Dutch and D’avin were left chasing down bounties, only for Khylen to rear his ugly head again – or, due to some inadvertent brain swapping, rear his way through D’avin’s head. I’ll admit, the scientific technobabble thrown out on this one didn’t quite justify how out there this particular story beat was; cross-galactic mind-melding probably requires a bit more than a 4G connection and a zap from a stun rod.

Still, it was a solid storyline, one that gave Dutch a chance to get a few more answers – and a lot more riddles – out of Khylen. Plus, major kudos to Rob Stewart in his performance as D’avin; the actor has done a great job of portraying a cold, calculating figure – both here and in previous roles like Roan on Nikita – so it was great to see how well he embodied D’avin’s lighter, goofier personality.

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