Dark Matter “We Voted Not to Space You” Review (Season 2, Episode 5)

The Android

We got to see a very different side of the Android on the latest episode of Dark Matter last night on Syfy. Oh boy, did we ever! How cool was it to watch the Android acting almost human like (thank you upgrade chip!) and even cooler was the fact that Zoie Palmer, who plays the Android, got to be a badass. For those who are accustomed to seeing her as Dr. Lauren on the fan favorite series Lost Girl, it was a treat to see her be the kick-ass girl for once.

The reason for this stark change in the Android’s personality is because of being undercover to track down Jace Corso for the Raza crew. As we all know, especially since escaping the “unescapable prison,” the Raza crew is being hunted even more than they were before. And in order to find the person who killed One (aka Derrick Moss), the Raza crew needed someone else to access the database of the Galactic Authority (the GA).

Enter the Android – who actually volunteered for the mission and told the crew about the upgrade chip provided by Victor (a fellow Android) in last week’s episode. I wondered how quickly the Android would reveal the chip to the crew, but I sure wasn’t expecting it to have such results.

Needless to say, the Android did everything in its power to get arrested in order to load a tracking device on the GA’s computer system to track down a former drinking buddy of Jace Corso’s, which led the Raza crew right into his hands at his remote hideout with, of course, the GA hot on their trail.

By the way, how great was it to see Zoie Palmer’s former Lost Girl co-star – Kris Holden-Ried – guest starring in the episode. Granted, the character he played – a Chief Inspector of the GA – didn’t have any interaction with the Android, but he sure did play a role in nearly capturing Four (Ryo), but he was thwarted by the entire team – thank goodness, right? Like any of us thought it was going to be THAT easy for the GA to capture them anyway.

Best of all, it was Two (Portia) who was able to take down Jace Corso. She shot him right in the head – just like how he killed One (Derrick) [albeit without the three bullets to the chest!]. But I have to wonder how that will haunt her. Don’t get me wrong, Jace deserved what he got because of the way he murdered One, but given Two’s new personality, how will she comes to terms with killing him. After all, Jace and One shared the same face (Reminder: Derrick (aka One) changed his face to exactly resemble Jace in order to get on the Raza to go after Three (aka Marcus), who was suspected of killing Derrick’s wife); oh and there is the fact that One and Two had a sexual relationship (if you want to call it that) while on board the Raza. Two may be a tough, kick-ass girl, but there is certainly going to be some kind of residual effect on her emotions at some point.

And one more thing, there is a lot more to Nyx than meets the eye. She’s not just a quick learner – how easily she picked up the moves that took Four (Ryo) years to master let alone the skills she revealed in last night’s episode – almost a sixth sense when Jace started firing on them as well as hearing the explosions before they actually hit. What do you think she is? Please share your thoughts on the episode in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Dark Matter’ will air on Syfy on Friday, August 5 at 10/9c.