Comic Con 2016 Report: Arrow


The final DC Comics-themed panel – for The CW’s Arrow – was held on day three of Comic Con 2016, featuring cast members Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne, John Barrowman and Echo Kellum as well as executive producers Wendy Mericle and Marg Guggenheim.

Like all of the other DC series that had a panel during the convention, a sneak peek trailer for season five was screened and included the introduction of the show’s new villain, which – per Marc – will be known as Prometheus as well as the revelation that Oliver will be following Laurel’s recommendation: he is forming a new team.

When Stephen was asked about this new team, he shared that he “is very excited” about this direction because they are going back to Oliver’s original intention of protecting Star City. As it turns out, Echo’s character Curtis will be one of those new team members, and he shared that “Curtis was really inspired by Green Arrow but (it will be) a struggle for him.” It was also shared that we will get more backstory on Curtis as well as a more in-depth look at his marriage, which could suffer because of Curtis’s moonlighting on Team Arrow.

As for the other characters in the show, Emily shared that Felicity has had to deal with a lot of loss this past season and she has kept her emotions bottled up; that situation will go to a head in the new, upcoming season.

David was able to reveal that Diggle will actually be in Chechnya with a Special Forces team at the beginning of the season where he is still “dealing with pulling the trigger on his brother.” And, as mentioned in the panel for The Flash, Diggle will be affected by the Flashpoint change in the timeline.

Willa then shared that Thea will be back in her costume, but she isn’t happy about it. In fact, she shared that “she needs to take a step back, do something structurally good, (but ends up) helping Ollie out with ‘stuff’ in the city.” More to the point, she will take on a lot of responsibilities now that Oliver is mayor of Star City.

And John shared that Malcolm is a “troubled hero…(or more to the point) the hero of his own story.” But that doesn’t mean that he will be anymore an ally to the team.

During the audience Q&A, the panelists were all asked if they could play a Marvel Universe character who would it be. Their answers were interesting:

• Echo – Apocalypse
• Emily – Wolverine
• Stephen – Wolverine
• John – Agent Carter
• David – Moonlight or Jean Grey, Dark Phoenix style
• Willa – Storm
• Paul – he joked he is comic book illiterate

It was also announced that the show’s 100th episode will air this season; in fact, Mark revealed that the 100th episode is the 8th episode of the season, which will also be right in the middle of the big crossover between the DC shows.

Much like the show that was put on during The Flash, Stephen and John were asked about singing a song from Frozen at a past convention and they were asked if they would sing again. After some prodding the cast all joined in a song from the Broadway hit play Hamilton.

The fifth season of ‘Arrow’ will premiere on The CW on October 5.