Beauty And The Beast “The Getaway” Review (Season 4 Episode 9)

Beauty and the Beast July 28

In this week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast, Cat and Vincent tried to work their way towards normalcy. At least that was the goal until Vincent gave up and turned himself yet. Yes, it was quite a shocker to watch him walk away, leaving Cat in the car, crying and sad. How did we get to this point?

The episode opens with Vincent and Cat kissing on a rooftop, trying to stay out of the view if drones hunting for him. Next thing we know, Vincent is in a bar that is getting busted. He runs for it, making his way out through the back door where JT is waiting. Vincent is surprised but glad his best friend is there to save him. The only thing that saves the moment from becoming cliché is JT’s horrible driving. It gets them out of there after hitting a few garbage bins. Yes, keeping it realistic was the way to go.

J.T. tells Vincent that he was on to reporter Grace Rose. He knew she was out to expose Vincent. The two meet up with Cat, who tells Vincent they need to leave town and work on a plan to make their lives normal again. He’s against it until JT backs her up. He senses he isn’t winning this one. Cat and Vincent head to a cabin out in the woods, far away from humanity. Able to take a break from being chased, Cat and Vincent talk about their options. Cat wants to tell Grace Rose the truth about Vincent, hoping she will react like Cat would.

While all of this is going down, JT has hacked Rose’s computer files. He knows the dirt she has on Vincent and it isn’t good. He ends up talking to Tess who accuses him of avoiding her. I can’t blame him for dodging her. She doesn’t seem to be on their team anymore. In fact, we later see her in a bar talking to a co-worker about how to deal with a cop who takes matters into their own hands. Could Tess become the enemy?

Cat calls Rose from a pay phone and asks her to come to the cabin. She does and of course nothing goes as planned. She doesn’t want to help them. There are too many unanswered questions. She changes her mind when Vincent beasts out. It sends her back in her chair a few feet! A sniper outside shoots into the cabin, breaking up their conversation. In the end, Rose gets shot and dies, killing Vincent’s chance at normalcy. Vincent realizes the only hope is for him to turn himself. We see him show up and immediately he is knocked unconscious.