The Fosters “Forty” Review (Season 4, Episode 5)


Monday night’s episode of The Fosters was primarily focused on the 40th birthday party of Lena Adams-Foster, but there was plenty of other stories to follow.

Because it was her birthday, Lena’s parents were in town to visit, but there was clearly something going on between them – the tension, especially from Lena’s mom, could have been cut like a knife. She was convinced her husband was having an affair, but when Lena’s pressed her dad, he said that he was simply putting together a celebration video for his wife’s upcoming retirement.

Note to Lena’s dad: It’s best not to lie in this family because the truth always comes out and usually at the worst of times. Case in point: when Lena revealed to her mom that her dad wasn’t cheating, they learned the hard truth. Lena’s dad is in some trouble with the IRS. That can never be good, and I have a bad feeling these troubles are going to affect the Adams-Foster family in ways they are not going to like.

At school, Mariana and Emma learn in their STEM club that there is going to be a robotics competition – and they want to be the first girls to ever win. With help from the only other girl in the club – as well as an unexpected assist from brother Jesus – the create a robot that wins them the competition; if only after Mariana argues with the teacher, much to the dislike of all the boys in the class. That won’t come back to bite them in the ass, right?

Meanwhile, Brandon is looking for ways to make money – who knew saying you’re an adult and being an adult were two very different things and not as easy as it may seem. He’s not going to get help from Mom Stef – it’s called tough love for a reason even if Momma Lena doesn’t always agree with the tactics. Instead of going with his initial idea of giving piano lessons, Brandon ended up taking the SAT for another kid in school who was willing to pay him $1,000. I get that he needed the money, but don’t you think that Brandon would have learned his lesson from all those fake ID’s that got him into trouble before. Live and learn, Brandon, that’s what being an adult means. This won’t land him in hot water…

Elsewhere, Jude discovered that ex-boyfriend Connor was in town without coming to see him; and that sets him off. He posted a status update at Facebook – who knew that teenagers actually still use this social media outlet, right? – that he was dating new friend Noah – it’s better to ask before you just react, but that’s the “beauty” of being a teenager – react before you think. SIGH!

Also, despite her boyfriend AJ asking her not to, Callie moved forward trying to help her former foster brother Kyle, who is juvenile detention on a murder charge – a murder he has claimed he did not commit. And since he will be turning 18 soon, he will be moved to Folsom Prison. Upon hearing this Callie is obviously upset and worried, but – much like AJ – I have to wonder if she right in getting involved.

I have to admit it was kind of fun seeing all those crazy 70’s-inspired fashions at Lena’s big celebration, but Jesus not knowing who Greg Brady is just made me feel old. What did you think of the episode? Please share your thoughts below.

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