‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 7): In Over Their Heads


Over the course of seven seasons, the girls of Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars – the ones caught up in all those deceptions, plots and scary situations – are really in over the heads this time around.

The girls are actually responsible for killing someone – albeit involuntary – and covering up the crime. Sure they have been around dead people before and been accused of murder in the past, but this time around they are actually the culprits.

The last month’s episodes have been a whirlwind of lies, intrigue, suspicions, and a lengthy stay at a mental institution – oh, and did I mention murder? Granted that’s not really different than all of the other seasons of the show, but the stakes are even higher for Allison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer considering they are all culpable in the death of Elliott Rollins, who is believed to also be Arthur Dunhill, who also could possibly be the “A.D.” who has been wreaking havoc for the liars.

If that doesn’t make your head spin, I don’t know what will…

Oh wait, there is another twist in the story – from the most recent episode – that could make the liars (not to mention the viewers) wonder even more what is really going on. Sara Harvey, who was supposedly the long-time captive of “A” (Allison’s transgender cousin Charlotte) and Jenna Marshall, the liars long-time frenemy (for whom they were responsible for causing her blindness) inadvertently met up at the converted mental institute and forge an unlikely friendship. This cannot be kismet or in any way a good thing.

The other more troubling reveals were that Allison could only be released from the mental institution with her estranged aunt (and twin to her late mother) Mary Drake supervising her; the guy who Spencer drunkenly made out with in the hotel elevator is actually Toby’s new boss and is in charge of the investigation into Elliott Rollins and how about that last minute surprise arrival of Noel Kahn into town. His meeting up with Jenna and Sara at the hotel cannot possibly lead to good things for the liars.

Last but not least, did anyone expect Ezra to propose to Aria? I know the promos had been saying there would be a #PLLProposal, but I was actually hoping it would something other than a marriage proposal. There is simply too much going in her life (as well as the other liars) for her to even think about a future with him. Her life – and the lives of the rest of her friends – hang in the balance. They are literally on the precipice of a dangerous cliff for which they could fall off at any second. Do they really have a future to even plan?

What do you think about season seven so far? Who do you think killed Charlotte? Do you think Elliott could actually be alive? Do you think the girls are going to get caught up in all of their lies and be arrested for his death? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of seventh and final season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will air on Freeform on Tuesday, August 2 at 8/7c.