‘Mr. Robot’: Burning Questions for Season 2 So Far…

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To say that “Mr. Robot” is a complex, complicated show is putting it mildly. It’s not only that, it’s also the type of show where you don’t know where you are until you get there- or where the ultimate destination is in the first place. Is what we’re seeing even real, or is it all a figment of Elliot’s fevered imagination?

Hopefully, we’ll eventually find out, but until then, here’s some burning questions many fans have! (Beware: spoilers for the season to date, as well as last season in its entirety.)

Mr. Robot - Season 2

1.How much of what we’re seeing this season is real?

After last season’s big hoodwink, many fans have posited that what we’re seeing may not even be real at all, and that, instead, Elliot has been committed to a mental institution. Evidence includes the fact that we never really see his mother, even though he’s supposedly living with her; and the sparseness and small size of his room, which looks like the sort of dorm-like room one might have in a hospital.

Also, there’s the fact that he’s been keeping a journal record of what’s going on- the sort of thing a psychologist or psychiatrist might request; and the fact that he seems to sometimes see Mr. Robot (aka his dad) and sometimes doesn’t, which could indicate his being on a variety of medications that could vary in effectiveness.

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Others have pointed out that he has very limited interaction with others and even less spent outside. The time he does spend outside, tends to be of the walking around or observing others playing basketball variety, things that could conceivably be done on hospital grounds as well.

The conversations he has with others go from confessional type scenarios, a la group therapy; to rambling, nonsensical ones with friend Leon (Joey Bada$$) and ones shrouded in mystery with Ray (Craig Robinson), who many have suggested might be an orderly at the hospital that knows about Elliot’s hacking skills and wants Elliot to help him rob someone/something online.

All of this is plausible, but there are theories against it as well, such as the fact we see others interacting independent of Elliot, such as Ray himself and a mention that he’s been essentially missing since last season by his friends and sister, which could indicate he’s gone “underground” rather than into an institution.

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2.Where is Tyrell Wellick? Does he even exist? Or is he dead?

Many expect there to be a big carpet-pulling moment like the one in Season 1, in which it was revealed that Elliot’s dad (Christian Slater) was dead and Mr. Robot was all in his head. Elliot also forgot that Darlene (Carly Chaikin) was his sister altogether and, at one point, even tried to kiss her!

So, to that end, many have wondered if Tyrell (Martin Wallström) was ever real, and if it’s really Elliot himself. Evidence for this theory includes the fact that we saw dramatic shifts in temperament from Tyrell, which would be in keeping with someone who is mentally ill like Elliot, and that Tyrell was “in on it” with Mr. Robot, without the knowledge of everyone else, and was even there when Elliot finished the big hack last season.

Also, when Elliot went looking for Tyrell at the end of last season, his wife, Joanna (Stephanie Corneliussen), threatened him in Danish. Why would she do that if she didn’t know he spoke it? The fact that she also seemed to handle Tyrell a certain way and be familiar with his ever-shifting moods would also seem to indicate someone who’s used to dealing with a person with schizophrenia/split personalities.

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It’s also safe to say she’s into some pretty out-there stuff her own damn self and might have found the prospect of being with someone so unpredictable and demanding a bit of a challenge, but in a good way. The fact that she barely distanced herself from him after he killed someone says more about how far she’s willing to go than the fact that she was married to him in the first place.

On the other hand, we’ve seen a member of Elliot’s team murdered this season already, this time definitively, in Romero (Ron Cephas Jones), one of Elliot’s most questioning “friends.” What if Tyrell also asked one too many questions to Elliot about his state of mind and also got himself killed? As such, with the real Tyrell now dead, Elliot has “created” another one, as evidenced by the phone call he got, which was awfully convenient.

So, either Tyrell never really existed, except in Elliot’s mind, or he did exist and Elliot killed him (or someone else did), or he’s actually still alive and that phone call was real, which would also make the package he sent his wife real and a hint that he was okay as well, with Tyrell calling her to let her know as such in episode three. We’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

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3.Assuming Ray is real, what is he really up to?

Ray is obviously trying to get Elliot to join his team to commit some scheme or another which involves bitcoins and likely robbing certain individuals and/or a corporation. He doesn’t have a competent enough hacker at his disposal, so he’s trying to recruit Elliot to that end, but recognizes that he has serious mental issues.

As such, he’s trying to finesse the situation a certain way, in order to hide his real intentions, which are likely criminal in nature. Thinking Elliot to be of a similar bent, but not entirely sure, Ray has to approach it a certain way, as well as to take into consideration the fact that Elliot may be crazy as a bedbug and, as such, he may want to tread carefully, lest Ray get himself killed.

But what is Ray’s endgame for real? I suspect it has more to it than mere stealing, or he wouldn’t have gone to such lengths. Also, is Elliot the one who should really be worried? We’ve seen the lengths Ray will go to, in order to get what he wants. But what does he want, really? We shall see.

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4.What in the world is Angela doing? Or Price, for that matter?

At the end of last season, Angela (Portia Doubleday) seemed to do a complete turnaround, going from a takedown of E-Corp to joining their ranks, despite having verifiable knowledge that a group of people there were responsible for her mother’s death.

Though head honcho Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer) was ready to testify to help bring them down, he offered Angela a chance to bring the beast down from within, which she obviously took him up on, despite her father’s objections.

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Since then, she has apparently excelled at her job, stunning seemingly more qualified co-workers. As a “reward” of sorts, Price introduced her to two of the executives directly responsible for the decision that led to her mother’s death and gave her the means with which to destroy them completely.

What is her endgame here? For that matter, what is his? Is her plan to systematically take out every person involved, one by one? Also, what is up with all the self-affirmation stuff? In its own way, this is the most perplexing of all the subplots on the show for me, personally. Any theories?

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5.Who is this Dominique DiPierro character? What is she up to?

We met a new character in Agent DiPierro, who seems to be out to bring down “FSociety” by any means necessary, to the point that it seems to be pretty much her only mission in life. Why? What did they do to her personally? What is her stake in this game, beyond making a name for herself? I suspect there’s much more to it.

Also, where is she getting her information, and why has she come that much closer to ferreting “FSociety” out than anyone else? What will she do when she finds certain key members? Is Elliot the one she’s really after? What is her endgame as well? Lots of questions about this still-mysterious new character, to be sure.

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Other questions to be answered:

What is Darlene up to in Elliot’s wake as the leader of “FSociety”? What is the point to her actions since the big hack? Is she drawing too much unwanted attention to herself and what’s left of the group?

Who killed Romero, and why? Was it because of Darlene’s actions? How about the murder of Gideon (Michel Gill)? Who was that guy who did it, why did he do it so publicly, and why did he turn himself in afterwards? Did someone else hire him- and why?

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What’s up with the Dark Web? What’s their agenda? Or Whiterose (BD Wong)? Why do they sometimes cooperate with “FSociety” and sometimes not? Who is in cahoots with who else?

Of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg- there’s plenty more questions where that came from. What do you think? Any wild theories of your own about what’s going on? How about answers to any of my questions?

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Sound off down below with your own answers and/or crazy theories, and I’ll check back in next month!