Comic Con 2016 Report: The Flash

The Flash
On Saturday of Comic Con 2016, the cast members of and creatives minds behind The Flash were featured in a panel in Ballroom 20 as part of the four-hour block of DC Comics-based shows.

Those on the panel included Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdez, Tom Cavanagh, Keiynan Lonsdale and new cast member Tom Felton as well as executive producers/siblings Todd and Aaron Helbing.

As viewers of the show will recall, The Flash’s season finale featured a major twist with Barry going back in time to save his mother’s life. In doing so, he will change his and everyone else’s future. That was on clear display in the sneak peek at season three trailer that was screened, introducing the Flashpoint storyline.

It is because of that change in story that the executive producers shared one of the crossover characters from the DC world that will be affected by these alterations is John Diggle. The changes will, of course, affect Barry, but he is unaware of how it all affects everyone else because he is a state of bliss having his parents in his life. The executive producers revealed that it will be three months into the new timeline when the show premieres.

When asked about whether Barry and Iris will ever become a couple, the Helbing brothers didn’t give away any details, but said “in any timeline Barry and Iris end up together.” Let’s hope that happens at some point, right?

Candice was then asked what it was like for Caitlin and Iris to be friends on the show, and she shared, “anytime we can have women be friends on TV, I’m all for that.”

Then Danielle was asked about what it was like putting on the Killer Frost costume. She stated it was “fun to play (that) character” and she even had a hand in working out part of her look, specifically, Killer Frost’s hair. She said it started out as a short spike look, but over time her hair just kept getting longer and longer.

In the sneak peek clip, it was revealed that Cisco is a very different person in the Flashpoint world and when grilled about that difference, Carlos shared that “he is an ostentatious billionaire who (loves) making money.” But fans shouldn’t worry that the quips for which Cisco is known for haven’t disappeared. Carlos stated “the core (of Cisco) is still the same.”

Jesse was then asked how his character Joe is in this new world and he said that “I just want Joe to be happy, but he’s not happy.” He also shared that Joe is “having troubles with Iris.”

While Tom wasn’t able to reveal how his character Harrison Wells will be reintroduced to the new Flashpoint world, he joked that Harrison “is the uncle we all fear” and that he is looking forward to “get to triple digits of characters to play.”

As revealed in the sneak peek, Keiynan’s character Wally West will put on the speedster suit and he was asked how that has been. He shared that he didn’t “realize I would be in the suit that quickly” and he and The Flash share similarities, but there is a cockiness to him.”

As for Tom, he joked that “the last time I was here I was representing a franchise that was symbolized by a lightning bolt.” That statement obviously elicited a lot of laughter! And when asked if his character Julian should be seen as threat, Tom joked again that “any character I play you should see as a threat.”

The highlight of the panel was when Grant and Jesse were asked about their tap dancing skills; and they were convinced to show off those skills in a dance off that brought down the house.

The third season of ‘The Flash’ will return to The CW for its season premiere on October 4.