Preacher “Finish the Song” Review (Season 1 Episode 9)

After several weeks of big episodes, it’s not a surprise that Preacher would slow down a bit. More importantly, “Finish the Song” had a lot of table-setting to do as the last episode before the season finale, moving the characters into position for next week’s big finish. All of that stuff worked fine, but this episode faltered with the one element of this season that has never really worked.

Starting with everything else, though, this was a definite calm before the storm episode, with only one major development to speak of. Jesse spent the majority of the episode on the run from the authorities, lying low until his final Sunday at the church. Cassidy, meanwhile, continued to recover from his time in the sun, and we learned that Jesse did indeed put him out instead of letting him roast. Lastly, Tulip finally went to get revenge, though there wasn’t much to the scene here. If nothing else, Jesse finally admitted that he’s not over Tulip.

The biggest moment in the main part of the episode was Emily sacrificing Miles to the healing Cassidy. It was a dark moment for the character, one who early on seemed like she might serve as Jesse’s moral compass. Instead, she seems to have lost some faith in the face of all of the events that have happened in the town recently, which is disheartening.

As all this was going on, we were given more flashbacks to the mysterious western character that’s popped up throughout the season. Having read the first Preacher collection, I have an idea of who the Saint of Killers is, as well as what his role in the show will be going forward. However, the problem with his few appearances this season is that if you aren’t familiar with the comics, there was no way to discern what his point in the narrative was. Even here, as we see the bloody end to his tragic story, I wasn’t even immediately sure what was going on.

Then we get a repeat of all of his scenes from the season at the end, followed by even more frequent repeats, going again and again until finally, DeBlanc and Fiore walked in. It’s a cool reveal in theory, that the Saint of Killers is stuck in his own personal hell, but this character has been impossible to connect to. Ideally, as he begins to follow and hunt Jesse in the future, we can learn more about him; for now, he’s been a poorly handled dud.

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